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Spirit Store

Student Apparel & Accessories

The Spirit Store is your go-to place to get Trinity gear for your student and to support Parent Council. This parent-run Shopify site offers clothing for students and raises money for Parent Council initiatives like faculty appreciation events. Items include T-shirts, athletic shorts, hats and accessories. 

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Sideline Store

Customizable Trinity Gear for Adults 

The Sideline Store offers customizable apparel and accessories for adults. Want a "Soccer Grandpa" shirt? Or maybe you want to rep the Mathematics Department or Model UN? The Sideline Store is where you go. It also has plenty of pre-designed items to browse. Unlike the Spirit Store, however, Trinity doesn't receive any proceeds from the Sideline Store, so it's not meant to replace the Spirit Store. If you do purchase youth products from the Sideline Store, apparel with nicknames are not permitted at school.

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