Sideline Store

Trinity Gear for Adults

The Sideline Store is an online shop for Trinity apparel for adults. It offers clothing specific to a sport, department, club or even family member. Want a "Soccer Grandpa" shirt? The Sideline Store is where you go. Want to rep the Mathematics Department or Model UN? You can find and customize what you need at the Sideline Store.

Unlike the Tornado Spirit Store, Trinity doesn't receive any proceeds from the Sideline Store. It is not meant to replace the Spirit Store, which offers clothing for students and raises money for Parent Council initiatives like faculty appreciation events. The Spirit Store should still be your go-to place to get Trinity gear for your student and to support Parent Council. But the Sideline Store is a great additional way for adults to show off their Trinity pride. If you do purchase youth products from the sideline store, apparel with nicknames are not permitted at school.

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