Why K-8?

The Right Mix of Nurturing and Maturing

The K–8 model offers a great balance. It gives lower schoolers a nurturing learning environment and challenges middle schoolers to grow as leaders and role models. One of our favorite traditions is the K8 Buddy program, because it exemplifies the K–8 experience. We match each kindergartner with an eighth grader, and the pairs enjoy playdates and learning activities throughout the year.

Open House: Grades K-8

One of Our Favorite Traditions

Our K8 Buddies program exemplifies the K–8 experience. Each kindergartner is matched with an eighth grader, and the pairs enjoy playdates and learning activities throughout the year. Many eighth graders keep in touch with their kindergarten buddies even after they graduate from Trinity. The program fosters connection and community among our newest students while providing mentorship and leadership opportunities for our oldest students. The eighth graders help their kinder buddies learn what it means to be a Trinity student.

2016 study published in the American Educational Research Journal found that students in grades 6-8 were better off academically, socially and emotionally in K–8 schools compared to 6–8 or 6–12 schools. With strong leadership skills developed at a relatively young age, our eighth-graders appeal to a wide variety of high schools. Through our High School Placement program, we partner with each student to find their ideal fit for the next level. Trinity students matriculate into the finest institutions in Austin as well as day and boarding schools around the country.


Eight Reasons Why K–8 Works

Still not convinced? Check out these eight reasons why we believe in the K–8 model.


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