Strategic Plan
Trinity Episcopal School

Initiative 3

Enhance and future proof our sustainability and infrastructure.


Attract and retain human resources of the highest quality.

Recruit faculty and staff of the highest quality and experience with competitive compensation and benefits, paying close attention to changing trends in the cost of living in Austin.

Identify and retain our high-performing faculty, utilizing retention tools, performance reviews, awards, professional development, and more.

Investigate teacher input to inform future retention (exit interviews, former teacher surveys, etc.)

Establish an institutional dashboard of comparable, competitor, and aspirant institutions from which we continue to assess our progress on finance, enrollment, and compensation.

Form a task force of key school leaders to conduct and monitor this work.

Identify and form a list of comparable, competitor, and aspirant institutions.

Develop key metrics to assess annually.

Finalize the dashboard, integrating it into the strategic work of the school and this strategic plan.


Establish and execute a long-term strategy for growth and use of the endowment while cultivating a culture of philanthropy.

Build an institutional culture of transformational giving via communication and educational campaigns.

Include an endowment element of 10% in all future giving.

Grow the endowment to $10MM as soon as possible.

Define an endowment spending strategy; implement it once the endowment reaches $10MM.


Provide the facilities to sustain the school’s academic, athletic, performing arts, and community programming.

Perform a campus safety audit by a third party.

Reassess the master plan to incorporate Blue House Preschool and other strategic initiatives to ensure Trinity facilities meet the school’s current and future curriculum priorities.

Evaluate non-vehicular access to campus.

Propose improvements as needed to enhance safety.

Investigate alternative turf for the field.


Advance Trinity’s strategic priorities while maintaining current sound financial
sustainability practices. 

Reassess the concept and purpose of the tuition “gap.”

Diversify our funding strategies and revenue resources, including a focus on growing the endowment.

Investigate alternative funding mechanisms.

Continue to invest in financial sustainability, such as debt reduction, funding PPRRSM, contingency, and endowment.

Incorporate funding for the strategic priorities as defined by this Strategic Plan into the school’s five-year financial plan and the relevant annual operating budgets.

Assess the affordability of a Trinity education.

Enable increased access to a Trinity education through a more vibrant financial assistance program.

Reassess our capital campaign after phase 1 (the Community Building) to synchronize with the updated master plan and the changing market conditions in the construction and labor markets.


Initiative 2

Enhance, refine, and innovate through a transformational academic program.

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