Strategic Plan
Trinity Episcopal School

Initiative 1

Enhance, refine, and innovate through a transformational academic program.


Examine our curriculum to ensure an integrated learning experience.

Review the student journey through the school experience, seeking common opportunities and challenges.

Strengthen our vertical planning to ensure smooth transitions throughout the student experience.  

Assess our progress on an annual basis using effective, student-centered metrics.


Prioritize experiential learning opportunities, curriculum mapping, and interdisciplinary collaboration throughout the student experience.

Conduct annual ongoing assessments at the divisional level, seeking these learning opportunities, and measuring that we are making progress.

Prioritize our findings each academic cycle, centering learning opportunities on these three core attributes.


Revise the schedule to ensure faculty has time to meet, plan, and implement curriculum alignment and integration.

Conduct a scheduling assessment using outside expertise.

Review findings of the assessment, prioritizing key elements of developing a revised schedule based on curriculum and professional development needs.

Revise and implement a new schedule.


Cultivate student agency through intentional and integrated learning experiences, curricular design, and community engagement.

Define and develop service-learning curriculum by grade level, including redefining what it means to graduate with distinction.

Establish community partnerships by grade level.  

Build cumulative digital student portfolios that are kept by students who actively participate in the on-going documentation.  

Develop avenues for student participation in service-learning curriculum development.


Articulate and enhance our identity and distinction throughout the region.

Utilize outside creative counsel to assess and refine the existing identity.

Develop new communications, visual identity, and messaging.

Develop core communications collateral, including electronic and print.


Invest in professional excellence through retention, recruitment, and development.

Conduct a compensation and professional development assessment using 
outside resources.

Prioritize the findings using national benchmarks as norms.

Implement the prioritized recommendations in an incremental, sustainable fashion.



Inspiring hearts and minds to create the future.

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Initiative 2

Enhance, refine, and innovate through a transformational academic program.