Strategic Plan

Trinity Episcopal School

We've always dreamed big.

Trinity has always been a place with big dreams, and we've set about achieving those dreams. Using our mission and values as our guidepost, we're proud to present our new Strategic Plan, which builds on the successes of the past while looking at the opportunities and challenges before us.

Our Vision:

To inspire the next generation of change-makers who will question, lead, love,
and thrive in their community.

Areas of Strategic Focus

Each of the three areas of strategic focus contains initiatives and action plans with additional implementation details to be further developed and utilized as the school moves forward to execute the Strategic Plan.


Enhance, refine, and innovate through a transformational academic program.

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Enhance and expand our culture and community.

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Enhance and future proof our sustainability and infrastructure.

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How we got here.

During the 2020–2021 school year, Trinity Episcopal School launched a comprehensive strategic planning process to establish key priorities for the coming decade. This work followed a year-long, comprehensive, community-wide process whereby a steering committee was formed and a research and planning firm, Ian Symmonds & Associates, was hired to help build an information base and guide the planning process.

The steering committee worked collaboratively with Ian Symmonds and his team through a series of exercises designed to establish priorities based on the research findings. By the spring of 2022, the steering committee had collaborated with multiple strategic subcommittees comprising a broad spectrum of community members, working to develop a small set of priorities for future focus. As strategic priorities became clear, the steering committee expanded upon them to outline specific initiatives, action plans, and sequenced priorities. 

Thank you.

We are grateful to the Strategic Plan Steering Committee for their time and commitment to this endeavor. Their work, in partnership with the Board of Trustees and School Leadership, culminates in a plan full of intention and purpose. Trinity today is a place where education, innovation, and community intersect. Those involved at the school today are charged with building on the successes of this intersection and taking our students and our community to still loftier heights. Please join us in this work.


Jennifer Morgan, Head of School
Shelly Bain, Board Chair, 2020–2022
Lisle Whitworth, Board Chair, 2022–2024

Jennifer Morgan
Head of School

Shelly Bain
Board Chair, 2020–2022

Lisle Whitworth
Board Chair, 2022-2024

Strategic Plan Steering Committee (from left to right): Dan Ahearn, Kristi Katz, Nigel Prentice, Shelly Bain, Ian Symmonds, Polly Williams, Jennifer Morgan, Bryan Denney, Susan Espinoza, Carrie Maher, Ashley Pfiester, The Rev. Dr. Danielle Tumminio, Marwin Brown, Anna Lyon, Lisle Whitworth.

Board of Trustees

Trinity Episcopal School

Lisle Whitworth, Chair
Jennifer Morgan, Ex Officio
Leyla Abou-Samra
Shelly Bain
Jim Bohart
Dr. Keffrelyn D. Brown
Marwin Brown
Sandra Brown
Dr. Kelly Cunningham
Jamie Dell
Susan Espinoza
Kin Gill
Emelie Graham
The Rev. Dr. Danielle Hansen
Anne Harrington
Chris Hester
Katherine Jones
Evan Kastner
Daniel Scardino