STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is a multidisciplinary approach to education that focuses on active learning, collaboration, and the development of practical skills. STEAM programs prepare students to engage thoughtfully with complex, real-world challenges.

A girl programming a circuit in the Trinity D-Lab

Our D-Lab is where kids can dream, design, and discover!

Opportunities to Tinker

In our D-Lab, students can design, create, and explore using robotics, electronics, and media production. Courses in architecture, coding, programming, and technical theater similarly promote creativity, problem-solving, and real-world application. Our eighth-grade capstone course, Innov8, tasks students to think like designers and entrepreneurs to solve a real world problem.


D-Lab is where kids have a chance to bring objects and stories from their imagination to life through electronics, computer coding, 3-D printing, and visual media tools.

Outdoor Learning

Our campus features hiking trails, creeks, and a community garden equipped with irrigation and a composting center. Kids can get outside and connect classroom concepts to the natural world.


Students begin playing with simple robots in Lower School, giving geometrical concepts a fun twist! In Middle School, kids can dive deeper and even compete with other schools.

Web Programming

This course builds a strong foundation in coding fundamentals, problem-solving, and algorithmic thinking. Lessons feature fun and creative coding challenges.

Technical Theater

Students create, design and help bring to life all of the theatrical elements for one of the three Middle School productions. They also help with sound and lighting for daily Chapel services and other events.


Our eighth-grade capstone course tasks students to think like designers and entrepreneurs to solve a real world problem. Projects can address business needs or societal problems.

A preview of what students can experience and create in D-Lab.

Dream, Design, Discover

D-Lab is where kids have a chance to put their ideas in action. Students bring stories and objects of their imagination to life in the workshop through electronics and visual media tools. This course includes exposure to the fundamental principles of robotic technology — from microcontrollers that power the interplay of sensors, motors, and lights to mobile, articulating robots built with Mindstorms EV3 and Lego Spike components. Students also develop empowering media production skills through stop-motion animation, video/audio recording and editing, and digital compositing with greenscreens and Photoshop.

Mr. Petusky makes coding fun and visual! Here's a look at some student projects.