The arts are a wonderful way to foster creativity, self-expression, and cultural appreciation through engaging activities. We encourage students to explore their artistic talents, develop communication and teamwork skills, and appreciate diverse artistic traditions. By integrating hands-on projects and performances, the curriculum aims to inspire a lifelong love for the arts and support the holistic development of each student.


Our music curriculum fosters students' appreciation for music and develops their skills through interactive, culturally diverse activities. In Lower School, students engage in vocal and instrumental practice, learn music theory, and participate in performances like the Christmas Pageant. The curriculum includes global music appreciation and hands-on instrument experiences. Since Lower School plays are mainly musical, they also fall under the music department. Middle School electives such as Choir, Music Ensemble, and Songwriting further enhance students' musical abilities, focusing on performance, composition, and exploration of different music genres.

Lower School Musicals

Grade-level musicals give students a chance to perform what they have learned in music class — and parents get to share in the moment. These performances, like first grade's recent rendition of Cookies! The Musical, are so cute and fun!

Christmas Pageant

This annual and precious performance by the entire Lower School celebrates the story of Jesus' birth. Kindergartners are angels, first graders are sheep, second and third graders are shepherds, and fourth graders are narrators.


This elective focuses on preparing for various performances both on and off campus. Curriculum includes basic music theory, sight-singing, vocal care, and the history of music.

Music Ensemble

The Middle School band learns, practices, performs, and records songs from various genres based on the interests and abilities of the students. The band typically includes guitarists, bass guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, and singers.


In this course, students analyze and craft lyrics, exploring basic chord progressions and song arrangements. Students also have opportunities to perform their compositions if interested.

Drum Line

Trinity's drum line, Thunder, is a trimester elective that teaches students how to perform rhythmically as a unit and read music. The Thunder performs at school functions throughout the year.


Beginning in 5th grade, our theater curriculum emphasizes the development of communication, creativity, and teamwork through various aspects of performing arts. Students explore acting, directing, playwriting, and technical design, engaging in activities like pantomime, voice training, and character creation. They participate in school productions, gaining experience in stage management, lighting, sound, and set design. The program includes opportunities for performance in one-act plays and musicals, fostering skills in script analysis, ensemble work, and technical theater, preparing students for advanced performing arts in high school.

Fall Play

The first theatrical performance of the school year is a "straight play," meaning it's not a musical. Past productions have included Darcy's Cinematic Life, An Absolutely True Story (As Told by a Bunch of Lying Liars), and The Alibis, Frozen.

Spring Musical

This is the last theatrical performance of the school year. The 2023-2024 production featured two casts due to incredibly high particaption! Past productions have included Matilda, Annie, High School Musical, Frozen, and Peter and the Starcatcher.

PSIA One-Act Play

This advanced year-long theater class builds a strong theatrical ensemble through exercises and lessons while also casting, directing, staging and performing a one-act play. It culminates in a district competition in the Winter and, hopefully, the state competition in the Spring.

Technical Theater

This trimester course gives kids a chance to create, design and help bring to life all of the theatrical elements for one of the three Middle School productions. Students also act as sound and lighting technicians for daily Chapel and other school-wide events.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts curriculum empowers students to find their artistic voice, engage in hands-on creation, and appreciate diverse mediums, artists, and cultures. For grades K-4, the focus is on artistic perception, expression, and cultural integration through projects and critiques. In grades 5-6, students deepen their understanding of art's cultural and historical significance, developing their media application and critical thinking skills. Grades 7-8 offer electives like Advanced Art Studio, Cartooning & Illustration, and Multi-Media Art, encouraging personal artistic exploration, advanced techniques, and multimedia experimentation.

Art Show

In the spring, students in all grades show off their projects in the campus-wide Art Show. Families are invited to come and check out the wide range of sketches, paintings, scultptures, and more.

Advanced Art Studio

Students can stretch your artistic abilities and imagination as they explore and expand their voice and style through art. This course helps kids develop art ideas using a variety of media and provides in-depth problem-solving experiences.

Cartooning & Illustration

Students learn the fundamentals of cartooning and illustration and develop their personal style while creating cartoons, comics, graphic stories, and illustrations. Projects are published in a booklet and shared with the community.

Multimedia Art

Students can explore many different types of art media as they create realistic, imaginary, abstract, and original works of art. The course integrates the study of artistic techniques, influential artists, and the role of art in different cultures.

Here's a look at some student projects created in Ms. Renwick's classes.