Board of Trustees

As an Episcopal school, we are guided by a faith-based mission to provide a comprehensive, inclusive, and values-based education that nurtures the intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth of students. We strive to foster a diverse, respectful learning environment where all individuals are welcomed and where the dignity and worth of every student are affirmed.


Lisle Whitworth

Lisle Whitworth stepped into the board's executive position in 2022. The Board Chair is a combination of leadership and liaison, working closely with Head of School and providing a communication conduit between trustees and school leadership. The Chair oversees trustee committees, meets regularly with the Head of School, and leads the school's organizational strategy and goals.

Head of School Jennifer Morgan

Ex Officio

Jennifer Morgan

As Head of School, Jennifer Morgan has the job of bringing the trustees' vision to life. Jennifer is the bridge between the strategic work of the Board of Trustees and the day-to-day work of the faculty and staff.


Keffrelyn D. Brown
Marwin Brown
Sandra Brown
Hope Benko
Anne Harrington
Chris Hester
Daniel Scardino
Emelie Graham
Evan Kastner
Jamie Dell
Jim Bohart
Katherine Jones
Kelly Cunningham
Leyla Abou-Samra
Susan Espinoza
Vaughn Mankey

Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a roadmap for implementing our goals and making our vision a reality. Trinity updates this plan every five years to ensure we are taking the proper steps to strengthen our programs and provide the best-possible student experience. We’ve carefully considered what’s next in education, how our campus can support the programs we want to offer our students, and how our faculty and staff can remain educational leaders.

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