Austin Trinity

An independent K-8 Episcopal day school five miles from the heart of Austin

Beyond the Classroom

The Trinity Episcopal School education is best characterized by a love of learning both inside the classroom and out. The classroom can be a wonderful and nurturing place, but we work to prepare students for the world well beyond Trinity.

Class Trips

We love our beautiful campus, but there’s a big, wide world to explore! We’re always looking for learning opportunities outside the classroom, and our yearly class trips challenge students to discover new environments, new people and themselves. These excursions are offered beginning in 4th grade, and each adventure is another way to nurture our kids academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Natural Classroom

Technology can empower students and educators, but also can distance children from traditional land-based learning and experiences. Students today have limited opportunities to explore the natural environment and experience all it has to offer. Outdoor classrooms promote many types of scientific exploration and observations of real world phenomena, which help engage the scientific mind.


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