Austin Trinity

An independent K-8 Episcopal day school five miles from the heart of Austin


Enhanced Teaching & Learning

Digital technology connects us dynamically with each other and with the world outside our walls. It allows us to edit our work freely and creatively, to discover and model patterns in data, to express our insights and dreams in multiple media, and even to capture and manipulate time.

It is a mirror, a microscope, a telescope, a stage.

We are proud of our extensive digital resources, from iPads and laptops to robotics and 3D printers, but we know that they are only as good as their use. Trinity's teachers employ such resources mindfully, understanding that their value lies entirely in their power to extend and improve learning. We are as intentional in our use of educational technologies as in all other aspects of our curriculum development; we look to the desired goal first, then plan backwards.


  • All academic classrooms and common learning spaces are outfitted with interactive projection technology.
  • One-to-one iPads for grades K-4
  • One-to-one MacBook Air laptops for grades 5-8. See Middle School Laptop FAQs
  • Two Lower School and a Middle School D-Lab maker spaces outfitted with Mac desktops and 3D printers, for design thinking classes, media production,  and fabrication.


  • K-2 students visit the D-Lab for adaptive, web-based, interactive mathematics and literacy programs. 
  • 1-3 grades visit the lab for technology instruction covering:
    • computer functioning
    • keyboarding skills
    • foundational understanding of productivity software such as Google Docs
    • hands-on multimedia projects
    • Digital Citizenship
  • 4th grade "Inquiry Seminar" students use the iPads to access online databases, evaluate websites, use mind-mapping software, produce visual presentations, and design 3D-printable prototypes.
  • 5th & 6th grades receive direct technology instruction on:
    • digital wellness & communication best practices
    • research and organization
    • visual literacy and presentation
  • 6-8 grade students are permitted to take individually-issue, laptops off campus. 5th grade uses them on-campus
  • 7-8 grades choose from a selection of technology-based electives: Digital Arts, D-Lab, Photoshop, Computer Programming, Engineering, Animation...
  • Middle Schoolers access D-Lab resources during design thinking rotations in several academic classes and during D-Lab drop-in workshops during lunch/activity periods. Wednesday D-Lab drop-in workshops are reserved for coding. 
  • Lower Schoolers access D-Lab resources during extensions rotations and in after-school ATB workshops for K-1 and 2-4.

Christy Fennewald
Lower School Technology Integration Specialist

Sarah Venkatesh
Middle School Technology Integration Specialist

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