Austin Trinity

An independent K-8 Episcopal day school five miles from the heart of Austin


Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Core Courses

The Middle School curriculum offers students an engaging and developmentally appropriate educational experience, as we balance the demands of a rigorous educational program with the needs of growing adolescents. Our curriculum and scheduling are based on leading research as well as proven best practices, creating a learning environment that is forward-thinking and evidence-based.

Breaks from classroom instruction are spaced strategically throughout the day, and our advisory program is purposeful, guiding older students as they navigate a complex world and learn skills vital to their success beyond Trinity.



Electives and Extracurriculars

Our core academic programs are complemented by a variety of elective options, including visual and performing arts, world languages (as well as Latin), STEM, drumline, service leadership, and yearbook. Extracurricular opportunities include Model UN, theatre, and PSIA competitions. Electives and after-school programs enrich the learning experience and enable students to pursue passions or explore new areas of interest. 




Our teachers combine expert knowledge with a distinct passion for educating young adolescents. They thoughtfully invest in the intellectual, social/emotional, aesthetic/creative, physical, and ethical development of each student as they guide, mentor, and coach. They work together on grade-level teams and in departments to bring their collective knowledge, experiences, and expertise to benefit all our students.

We inspire active learners who think critically and take intellectual risks as they learn to transfer their knowledge to novel, varied situations across all disciplines. Middle School emphasizes the acquisition of skills and attitudes that allow our students to express ideas effectively and solve problems independently and collaboratively. We create an environment in which learning is both serious and fun and where students see learning as an inherently rewarding lifelong process.

An integral part of our culture is faculty professional development. Trinity's educators continually research and evaluate curriculum and teaching practices in order to ensure the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of all aspects of their work with students. The faculty embraces a "growth mindset" – a willingness to work hard, take risks, learn from mistakes, and constantly seek improvement.

The Trinity Student 

Trinity honors each child's potential with high expectations, in every area of endeavor. We expect each to engage fully with the learning community—exerting whole-hearted effort, taking appropriate risks, making necessary mistakes. We seek to foster in each student a lifelong love for learning and to prepare each for a lifetime of success and fulfillment

We aim to develop students who are good thinkers and good doers, fully prepared for the challenges of high school and the world beyond. To that end, Trinity faculty and staff use the following guideposts as they craft our school’s academic and extracurricular programs and policies.


Trinity students have a responsible and aspiring work ethic, understanding and appreciating the role of effort in academic success and fulfillment. They are are critical thinkers and problem solvers, and they work effectively and efficiently as individuals and as team members. Trinity students communicate their ideas effectively and listen well to the ideas of others. They are empowered learners, well-equipped to meet the challenges of an ever more complex global society.


Trinity students feel a strong sense of connection to the school community. They practice dutiful citizenship and thoughtful leadership in daily activities, and they demonstrate pride in themselves and in the school. At Trinity, students show respect and caring for others in their community and demonstrate global awareness and concern.


Trinity students exemplify integrity, courage, confidence, resilience, empathy, responsibility, and ethical awareness.

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