End-of-Year Materials

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedure

Speaking for every faculty and staff member, Trinity is especially disappointed to end the 2019-20 academic year without being together with students and families on campus. In light of statewide mandates, we are coordinating a sign-up schedule for dropping off and picking up your end-of-year items. Each family can sign up for a 15-minute slot over the course of several days. Only one person from each family may be on campus at any given time. This is a strict state rule, so please read the details below carefully to reserve a drop-off/pick-up time.

Reserve a Time

How to Reserve a Time

  1. Login to your Parent Portal.
  2. Select “End of Year Drop-off and Retrieval Schedule” at the top of the page. 
  3. Select from the available times for your child’s homeroom teacher (LS) or advisor (MS).
  4. Select “Reserve Times.” Your time is not reserved until you click the button.
  5. Review your schedule. You also have the option to download it. 

Instructions by Grade Level

  • Homeroom teachers (LS) and advisors (MS) will be packing their students' belongings from desks, cubbies, and lockers, prior to your scheduled time so that you will be able to quickly grab your items.
  • Grades K-7 should sign-up for the oldest child's homeroom/advisory time slot.
  • Grade 4 should sign up for the afternoon of May 21, so they can watch the virtual Middle School Awards Assembly on their iPads that morning.
  • Grade 8 should sign-up for May 22, after graduation. On that day they can drop-off and retrieve their school materials. 8th graders will have graduation packages, including their diplomas, to take home. If there are younger siblings in the family, 8th graders may drop-off and retrieve their school materials during this time as well.

State of Texas Mandated Guidelines

  • There is a strict limit of one person per family.
  • For LS students, only an adult may participate in materials return/retrieval.
  • For MS students, either the student or adult may participate in materials return/retrieval.
  • Masks and gloves are required for everyone.
  • Families with MS students may have their student represent their family, including picking up Lower School siblings' belongings.
  • One person from every family will go to LS homeroom(s) and/or MS assigned classrooms to find a labeled bag or box with their belongings, including medications from Nurse Luin.
  • There will be signage and people stationed all over campus to help direct the process.
  • Teachers will not be on campus during materials return/retrieval; Staff members will be on hand to help and guide.
  • Larger projects, like academic portfolios and artwork, will be returned to students in the fall, except for students not returning (i.e. graduates).

What Do I Need to Return? 

Questions about Veracross sign-up? Email Sandy Smith.
Questions about tech returns? Email Online Technical Support.
Any other questions? LS families email Mitzi Easley and MS families email Joan Frost.