Middle School

Grades 5–8

We want kids to be curious, love learning, embrace challenges, feel known, and find their voice. The cornerstone of our approach is student-led learning. That just means we keep the student at the center of every lesson we teach and every decision we make.

An Exceptional Student-Teacher Ratio

Our average class size in Middle School is about 21 students, but our student-teacher ratio is only 7:1. How? A team of support staff work closely with our lead teachers to meet every student where they are.

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Enriched Academics

We implement a curriculum that's forward-thinking and research-based, not experimental. We use the "constructionist" approach that puts the students in the driver seat and equips them for high-level problem solving at a young age. And we offer tons of ways for kids explore new interests and to find their voice, from robotics to fine arts.

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Open House: Grades K-8

Social-Emotional Learning

Our framework for social emotional learning, R.U.L.E.R., was developed by researchers at Yale University. We integrate this “name it to tame it” model throughout the curriculum, helping students understand emotions and and then equipping them with strategies for navigating their feelings in a healthy way.

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Athletics & P.E.

Kids need to be active throughout the day in order to optimize their learning. Athletics and physical education are an integral part of the Trinity experience, and we offer team sports as early as first grade.

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Faith & Service

As an Episcopal school, we are guided by a faith-based mission to provide a comprehensive, inclusive, and values-based education that nurtures the intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth of students. Regardless of your religious tradition, you are most welcome!

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We will nurture each child academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We will honor each child's spirit for learning and life, ever mindful that we are all children of God.

Student Body President Rhett Whitworth, Class of 2023, giving a speech at graduation

As the oldest kids on campus, our middle schooler have lots of opportunities to practice leadership, making them highly south-after candidates for the top high schools in Austin and beyond.

The PK–8 Model

Trinity's PK-8 model strikes a great balance! It provides younger students with a nurturing environment while also challenging older kids to step up as leaders and role models. Without a high school, we have fewer age groups to consider, which helps us ensure our instruction is developentally appropriate and highly aligned to the needs of our students. Our kids are closer in age, so they can better understand and relate to their classmates from all grades. This eases social pressures and bolsters empathy, friendship, leadership, and a sense of belonging. These social and emotional benefits are especially important during early adolescence when so much change happens.

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Director of High School Placement

Cheray Ashwill

Our Director of High School Placement works personally with each family to find the best match for the next level and maximize the chance for admission. Trinity students are well prepared, self-assured and well-rounded, making them highly sought-after candidates. The high school placement process also helps prepare students for college admissions. Cheray is a member of the leadership team.

Student-Centered Schedule

A schedule is more than logistics. It reflects a school's priorities, philosophy, and pedagogy. Our schedule is built around the student because we place the child at the center of every lesson we teach and every decision we make. We also create opportunities for deep learning, both for students and faculty.

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We're Here to Help!

No matter where you are in the application process, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Admission Team! You can email us at or call us at 512‑472‑9525.

Bethani Emery

Director of Admission

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Admission Associate

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Admission Associate
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