Lower School


The Athletics & PE Department works closely with the academic departments to promote the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth of all students. Athletics are an integral part of the Trinity experience. We have a no-cut policy, so all students have an opportunity to participate. However, we keep our program competitive by placing our athletes into teams based on grade and skill level.

Daily P.E.

Physical education is all about sparking that inner fire in students, helping them discover their own reasons to give their best in everything they do. Through physical activity, we can impart some fantastic life lessons, whether it's thinking on their feet, making smart choices, or bouncing back from challenges. P.E. a space for students to be themselves, try out new things, and simply have fun!

Team Sports

Team sports are a fantastic way for Lower School students to develop their skills to a greater level, experience competition with others of the same age and ability, and enjoy the school spirit that comes with being a part of a school sports team.


Grades 1–4


Grades 3–4


Grades 3–4