Grade Levels

Trinity Episcopal School of Austin is made up of three divisions: Blue House Preschool (Ages 2–5), Lower School (Grades K–4), and Middle School (Grades 5–8). Faculty and staff collaborate across all three divisions to meet every student where they are and deliver an integrated educational journey from early childhood to adolecence.

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Preschool student playing on the playground

Blue House Preschool

Blue House Preschool is one of Austin's few early childhood educaiton programs that offers a research-based curriculum with full day coverage for ages 2–5. The program is safe, nurturing, and hands-on! Blue House is a place for kids to explore the world (and themselves!) and build the foundation to become the best learners they can be.

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Lower School (Grades K–4)

We emphasize whole child development in a nurturing environment. With a student-centered approach, we ensure every child feels seen and cherished. Plus, we've struck the perfect balance between engaging lessons and playful moments, making every day a delightful learning journey.

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Middle School (Grades 5–8)

We provide age-appropriate programs that help middle schoolers find their voice and develop as young leaders. We understand the unique challenges of these formative years, and our PK–8 model reduces social pressures to create an inclusive atmosphere where every student feels valued. Our no-cut athletics and diverse elective options give students the chance to shine and the freedom to explore new interests.

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Campus & Facilities

Our 24-acre campus gives students a beautiful and safe place to learn! There are lots of different places to explore, indoors and out, which helps kids stay engaged and active.

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