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Transfer Stock

Thank You for Your Gift!

Complete this form to receive proper and prompt acknowledgement of your gift. You may also call Kristi Katz at 512.904.2903 or fax the information to 512.472.2337.

To transfer stock to Trinity, you or your broker may contact:

Mike Taylor, CFP, First Vice President – Investments
Morgan Stanley
301 Congress Ave., Suite 1400
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: 512.469.3420 or 800.359.8250 
Fax: 512.628.6714  

For urgent requests:

Mike's portfolio associate is Pam Lafferty, who can be reached at 512.469.3432. Mike can also be reached on his cell at 512.924.5161 should an urgent matter arise.  

Trinity's account information:

Morgan Stanley # 042-042949
Austin Trinity School, Inc.
3901 Bee Cave Road
Austin, Texas 78746

Shares clear through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, DTC 0015. 


Securities to transfer: Please only list securities that are held in the brokerage you specified in the preceding question. If you would like to transfer securities from multiple brokerages, or wish to transfer multiple securities from the same brokerage, please fill out this form for each transaction.
If unsure when you intend on completing your transfer, please provide your closest approximation.
Please provide the donor's name as it appears on tax returns and other official documentation.
123 Main Street Austin, TX 78746
Terms of ServicerequiredBy checking this box, I confirm that I am authorized to initiate this stock transfer.
By checking this box, I confirm that I am authorized to initiate this stock transfer.
If you have questions, please contact Kristi Katz, Chief Development Officer at 512-904-2903 or


Giving Initiatives & Programs

Each color of the Philanthropy Pinwheel represents a different way you can create possibilities for our school and children. Like a pinwheel, all of our initiatives work together to create momentum and power the best experience for our students and families.

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Why Our Families Give

Tuition doesn't cover the full cost of an exceptional Trinity education. We rely on the involvement and generosity of our families to nurture the whole child and deliver personalized instruction. Donors tell their stories of why they support Trinity.

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See the Impact

It’s not about the money. It’s what the money can do. We're proud of our track record. We leverage generosity to build and grow our programs, and we have an unyielding commitment to fiscal responsibility along the way.

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