Transfer Stock

Thank you for your gift! To make sure you receive proper credit and prompt acknowledgement of your gift, please contact Trinity to give us the specifics of your stock transfer. To let us know of a stock transfer, please call — or have your broker or advisor call — Kristi Katz at 512.904.2903, or fax the information to 512.472.2337.  

To transfer stock to Trinity, you or your broker may contact:

Mike Taylor, CFP, First Vice President – Investments
Morgan Stanley
301 Congress Ave., Suite 1400
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: 512.469.3420 or 800.359.8250 
Fax: 512.628.6714  

Mike's portfolio associate is Pam Lafferty, who can be reached at 512.469.3432. Mike can also be reached on his cell at 512.924.5161 should an urgent matter arise.  

Trinity's account is styled as follows:
Morgan Stanley # 042-042949
Austin Trinity School, Inc.
3901 Bee Cave Road
Austin, Texas 78746

Shares clear through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, DTC 0015. 



Philanthropy at Trinity

The Philanthropy Pinwheel symbolizes our giving opportunities. Each color represents a different way you can create possibilities for our school and our children. Like a pinwheel, our initiatives are interconnected. They are part of the same whole, and all of them work together to create momentum. Through philanthropy, we can put in motion the brightest future and the best experience for our students.

Ways to Give