Special Events

Uniting Our Community

Special events are opportunities to bring our community together. Some are designated as fundraisers, such as A Night To Shine, and others are solely “friend raisers.” All are important and offer a time to celebrate the Trinity family.

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Trinity parents at a fundraising event

Let's Celebrate Together

From our A Night to Shine gala to intimate gatherings hosted by Trinity families, special events strengthen our community and provide a chance to make a lasting impact on our school. But it's more than just a party. It's about building deep friendships with fellow Trinity families and creating a community of friends achieving something amazing together, spreading the roots of ownership of our mission and vision throughout our community.

Trinity donors at the Celebration of Giving event
Trinity donors at the Celebration of Giving event



Philanthropy at Trinity

The Philanthropy Pinwheel symbolizes our giving opportunities. Each color represents a different way you can create possibilities for our school and our children. Like a pinwheel, our initiatives are interconnected. They are part of the same whole, and all of them work together to create momentum. Through philanthropy, we can put in motion the brightest future and the best experience for our students.

Ways to Give