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It’s not about the money. It’s what the money can do.

We are so proud of our track record. We leverage generosity to build and grow our programs, and we have an unyielding commitment to fiscal responsibility along the way. 

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Funds Raised in 2020-2021


Giving by Campaign

Our initiatives are interconnected. They work together to create momentum, powering the best experience for our students, now and for years to come. In addition to funds raised in the 2020-2021 school year, our endowment grew by $917,340 in interest thanks to your dedicated endowment gifts over the years.


Opening Our Doors to Everyone

Financial Assistance

Every child deserves the best education possible. Our families directly support our financial assistance program and enable us to open our doors to everyone. First-grade teacher Suzi Herrington tells her story and how financial assistance has impacted her family.


Annual Fund Participation by Role

We do not receive financial support from a parish, a diocese or the government. The Annual Fund pays for annual expenses like, classroom supplies, faculty salaries, facility operations and much more. Trinity parents, trustees, faculty, and staff give to the Annual Fund at such high rates because they believe in the mission.


Keeping Our Teachers on the Leading Edge

Faculty Professional Development

If we're not constantly improving as educators, we're not serving our students properly. Along with supporting our financial assistance program, our spring fundraising event ensures that our faculty and staff have access to the best professional development opportunities. In a typical year, we carve out more than $250,000 for programs, activities and conferences that will help our teachers, coaches and staff stay on the leading edge of education. Middle School Academic Dean Karyn Rayburn explains why professional development is so central to our culture and mission.


Dive Deeper into the Numbers

Read Our Gratitude Report

In this report, we highlight some of the remarkable moments and milestones of last year. Trinity has a long tradition of dramatic growth and entrepreneurial spirit, and 2020-2021 was no exception. Our mission and values are more relevant today than ever before, and the life of the school revolves around them. Thanks to our talented students, our supportive and engaged parents, the professionalism and care of our teachers and staff, and the wisdom of our Board of Trustees, the state of our school is extraordinarily strong.

Read the Report

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Giving Initiatives & Programs

Each color of the Philanthropy Pinwheel represents a different way you can create possibilities for our school and children. Like a pinwheel, all of our initiatives work together to create momentum and power the best experience for our students and families.

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Why Our Families Give

Tuition doesn't cover the full cost of an exceptional Trinity education. We rely on the involvement and generosity of our families to nurture the whole child and deliver personalized instruction. Donors tell their stories of why they support Trinity.

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Want to learn more about how you can create real change and have an impact now and for years to come? Talk to our Development team to learn more about how you can support our community and mission to nurture the whole child.

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