Annual Fund

Addressing Short-Term Needs

We do not receive financial support from a parish, a diocese or the government. As the name implies, the Annual Fund pays for annual expenses like our forward-thinking curriculum, classroom supplies, faculty salaries, facility operations and much more.

Give Now

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.

— Walt Streightiff

Trinity teachers often ask our students to wonder. To be curious and admire the beautiful and unexpected, much like a rainbow. This sense of wonder can be felt in our classrooms and in our courtyards, on the sports field and on the stage. We are full of wonder as we watch our children grow as leaders and learners during their time at Trinity. We are thrilled to share with you the wonder of our community returning to the campus we love, through in-person learning, after-school programs, and increased social interaction. We are grateful to the entire Trinity community for your support of our great school. Thank you for keeping Trinity wonder-filled.

Chief Development Officer Kristi Katz explains that philanthropy is much more than money. It's the soil that allows future generations to flourish.

Philanthropy at Trinity

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The Philanthropy Pinwheel symbolizes our giving opportunities. Each color represents a different way you can create possibilities for our school and our children. Like a pinwheel, our initiatives are interconnected. They are part of the same whole, and all of them work together to create momentum. Through philanthropy, we can put in motion the brightest future and the best experience for our students.

Ways to Give