Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Addressing Short-Term Needs

We do not receive financial support from a parish, a diocese or the government. As the name implies, the Annual Fund pays for annual expenses like our forward-thinking curriculum, classroom supplies, faculty salaries, facility operations and much more.

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A Lasting Impact

Like most independent schools nationwide, we do not receive funding from a parish, a diocese, or the government—and tuition alone doesn’t cover the full cost of an exceptional Trinity education. The Annual Fund bridges this gap. This year marks our 20th anniversary, and we're doing something special for the Annual Fund. We’re shortening our fund drive to 20 days — Oct. 1-20 — so we can whole-heartedly focus on learning, playing, and creating.

What does The Annual Fund do? The next time you walk into Trinity, take a look around. Much of what you see — from the secure and well-tended grounds, to the groups of happy children thriving along the trails of our wilderness preserve — are quality extras that surpass the cost of tuition. The Annual Fund provides the extra layer between tuition and the actual cost of excellence at Trinity. In other words, it takes our school from good to great.




Philanthropy at Trinity

The Philanthropy Pinwheel symbolizes our giving opportunities. Each color represents a different way you can create possibilities for our school and our children. Like a pinwheel, our initiatives are interconnected. They are part of the same whole, and all of them work together to create momentum. Through philanthropy, we can put in motion the brightest future and the best experience for our students.

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