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Q&A with our Board Chair, Mark Burnett
Q&A with our Board Chair, Mark Burnett

The Burnett Family - Melissa, Mark, George (3rd) and William (1st)


Get to know Mark Burnett, Chair of the Trinity Board of Trustees. Mark and his wife Melissa are parents to George (3rd) and William (1st), and Mark is a neurosurgeon. He joined the Trinity Board in 2016.

Q: What are the Board’s top goals and priorities for this school year?

A: The Board sets the long-term vision for Trinity and supports our Head of School, Marie Kidd. We work in the background rather than in the daily operations of the school. This year we are focused on continuing the five-year path laid out in our strategic plan (link to strategic plan). We’ve also been working on the transformational campus and program expansion project that we hope to kick-off with a groundbreaking start in the late spring or early fall of 2019 (link to campaign).

Q: What is your role as Chair?

A: This is my third year on the Board of Trustees and my first year as Chair. The Chair serves a two-year position and, as with other organizations, is assigned with a long list of procedural duties such as running the Trustee meetings, setting the agendas, and keeping the group focused on our responsibilities to the school’s health. At Trinity, the Chair also serves as a close connection between the Trustees and the Head of School. Marie Kidd, and I meet every week to discuss issues which affect Trinity’s mission and vision.

Q: Trinity’s tagline is “Each Child, Each Day.” What does that mean to you?

A: I love this tagline, and I always think about the word choice when I see it. When you see the word “each,” it is usually paired with the word “one,” as in “each one." Trinity embodies this tagline in so many ways. When the teachers say they know your child and focus on his or her growth as a whole and unique person, they mean it. Many of us do not realize this, but each week, a multi-disciplinary group of teachers sits around a table to reflect on each child’s progress and needs. “Each Child, Each Day,” is the DNA of this school and truly sets us apart.

Q: In your opinion, what is Trinity’s most significant accomplishment so far?

A: Trinity is about to have its 20th anniversary which is something that is still difficult for me to believe, given how far the school has come in such a short amount of time. We have nearly 550 students, an incredibly accomplished and dedicated faculty and staff, engaged parents and families, and a full-sized campus that’s still expanding. It’s simply amazing. That said, I think Trinity’s greatest accomplishment is the graduation of hundreds of confident, curious, and socially-grounded young people, prepared for whatever the future may bring.