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Emotions Matter – Webinar Gives Parents Tools for Social-Emotional Learning at Home
Emotions Matter – Webinar Gives Parents Tools for Social-Emotional Learning at Home


How does empathy lead to long-term success? How can parents help their kids practice mindfulness? We hosted a webinar for parents to learn about social-emotional learning and get practical tips on how to apply it at home.

Presented by counselors Jennifer Dugan and Courtney Childers, the webinar covered self-awareness, self-management, empathy, relationship skills and more, pointing to research and practice that shows it’s possible for parents to take what we’re fostering here at Trinity and bring SEL learning into their home. 

“SEL skills are moving to the forefront and SEL competencies are strong predictors for long-term success,” said lower school counselor Jennifer Dugan. “There is lots of evidence and research to back up the benefits of SEL, so it's become a well-established practice in schools.”  

Self-management was a topic of the webinar, and our counselors discussed how the ability to successfully regulate one's emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations is paramount to a child’s emotional health. “This includes effectively managing stress, controlling one's impulses, and developing a sense of mindfulness.,” said xxxxxx “Mindfulness is about being present in the moment and taking in what's around you. We can develop a sense of calmness, freeing up our mind to help us take up more information in the present moment.”

Middle school counselor Courtney Childers said social-emotional learning can be distilled into one word: "empathy." Dugan added, "Although we may have natural qualities that lend care for each other, it's really more of a sophisticated set of skills that we all need to learn, and therefore it’s important to teach it and practice it. 

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