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Alumni Spotlight: Shreyas Panda, Class of '07
Alumni Spotlight: Shreyas Panda, Class of '07

Shreyas Panda, 26, graduated from Trinity in 2007. He lives in Austin and works as a Strategy Analyst for HomeAway, an online vacation rental marketplace. Shreyas attributes a lot of his professional skills to his time as a student here at Trinity. 

“Trinity helped me develop my critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which is a big part of my job now," he said. "Many of the teachers would do projects that were away from the textbook that forced me to think outside the box and analyze problems differently. Also, many of the teachers fostered a learning environment where I was encouraged to ask questions and be intellectually curious, a positive trait that carried on in high school, college, and even today in my work.”

He also said music and sports helped reinforce a strong work ethic and allowed him to develop confidence as an individual.

We asked Shreyas some questions about his time at Trinity and his life now.

Q: What sports did you play while at Trinity? 

A: I played basketball, football, and track.


Q: What advice would you have for a family looking for the perfect school for their child? 

A: Find a place where the child is encouraged and challenged to think critically and creatively. Also, it should also be an environment where the child can thrive from a personal, social, academic, and extra-curricular standpoint. 


Q: What do you consider your biggest professional accomplishment? 

A: Finding a place where I can work with great people where I can also continue to learn, problem-solve, and grow.


Q: What do you consider your biggest personal accomplishment? 

A: Being able to continue doing things I love, such as playing the violin and maintaining relationships with my friends and family.