Trinity City Limits

Saturday, April 13, 2024

This event is expected to sell out! No matter your age or era, Trinity City Limits is your jam! This stellar biennial event for adults provides professional development for staff, financial aid for families, and funds our other areas of greatest need. In short, your support super-charges the entire Trinity community.

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The deadline to be listed as a sponsor in the invitation is March 1, 2024. See below for underwriter/sponsor details.


6:30 - 7:30 PM
Cocktail Hour

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Dinner and Program

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Email Kristi Katz at for more information about this exciting event!

Thank You, Underwriters & Sponsors!

Oh What a Night – Presenting Underwriter

The Reaud Foundation

Crowded Table – Dinner Underwriter

The Crain Foundation

Footlose – Entertainment Underwriter

Marissa and Stephen Brown

This Old Porch – Mission Underwriter

Erin and James Stewart

Tiny Dancer – Auction Underwriter

Sophia Darwich and Hassan Alissa

You Can Drive My Car – Valet Underwriter

Seguin Chevrolet

American Pie – Dessert Underwriter

Amy and Mark Rogers

Material Girl – Swag Underwriter

Holly and Jim Bohart

You're the One That I Want – Sponsorship

Michelle and Alan Cline & Tory and Milam Newby

Staley and Tucker Moore

Never Gonna Give You Up – Sponsorship

Jane Stone

Irreplaceable – Sponsorship

Leslie and Rob Gandy

Justin and Wendy Harvey

Sarah and Jonathan Rioux

Kendra and Walt Roloson

Meredith and Tyler Spears

Can't Stop The Feeling – Sponsorship

Katie and Austin Collins

Marnie and Keith Duncan

Emelie and Will Graham & Arron and Christopher Hester

Dana and Jon Switzer & Emily and Bob Wong

Sandra and Luke Wilson

Friend of Trinity (3)

If It Makes You Happy – Sponsorship

Shaun and Wes Dickerson

Sara and Colby Evans

Danielle and James Hatchitt

Kejda and Pete Herzog

Claudia and Tony Hoggett

Hallie and John McDonald

Meredith and Tal McIver

Kristen and Lee Nix

Amanda and Randal Oudt

Johanna and George Peyton

Susan Espinoza and Marc Piatkowski

Kim Katner and Jennifer Ritter

Amelie and Wess Sanders

Katie and Patton VanVeckhoven

Friend of Trinity (4)

USI Insurance Services

Sweet Child O'Mine – Sponsorship

Shanna and Gary Leff
PK Four

Friend of Trinity

Mary and Bill Kliewer

Friend of Trinity

Sarah and Jason Harris
1st Grade

Sophia Darwich and Hassan Alissa
2nd Grade

The Newby-Miskovsky Family, The Sappington Family, & The Weir Family
3rd Grade

Susanna and Scott Craig
4th Grade

Jordan Scott and Shane Mahon
4th Grade

Lauren and Thomas Moorman
4th Grade

Liz and Dan O'Dea
4th Grade

Lisa Schneider
5th Grade

5th Grade

The Blaine Family, The Doyle Family, The Newby-Miskovsky Family, & The Weir-Hammelman Family
6th Grade

Nancy and Mark Pollard
6th and 7th Grade

Melody and Shain McCaig
7th Grade

Friends of Trinity
8th Grade

You Belong With Me – Sponsorship

Emily and Gerard DeSantis

Alexa and Jonathan Polenz

Renee and Ned Snyder



Reva Enzminger

Lauren Gauthreaux

Noelle Newby


Leslie Gandy

Christy Kranik

Ryann Rangel

Meredith Spears

Silent Auction

Jessica Macintosh

Audrey Marsico

Ryane Matijevich

Kendra Roloson

Sandra Wilson


Katie Antis

Denise Arredondo

Dana Beyert

Tien Do

Jesse Ignjatovic

Lizzy Llarena

Erin Mooney

Danielle Sackett

Sign-Up Parties

Manjeera Adusumalli

Samantha Cabral

Marnie Duncan

Margaret Jones

Patty Schatz

Food and Bar

Lauren Kanne

Laura Mitchell

Erin Stewart


Laura Busino

Sarah Puil


Katie Antis

Alex McDonald

Megan Paul


Stephanie Askins

Shannon Ghangurde


Jennifer Pool

Helen Logue

Susanna Craig


Sophia Darwich

Melissa Preston

Kid Connection/Make It Happen

Susi Britton

Jamie Chandlee

Erin Fabacher

Doris Seitz

Erin Tice

Trinity Treasures

Suzi Herrington