'The Trinity Promise' Capital Campaign

How Far We've Come

The Trinity Promise capital campaign has been a journey! See highlights from the campus-altering campaign and photos of students enjoying the new building.

This slideshow has some of the most memorable moments from The Trinity Promise capital campaign. From demolition of the old building to the dedication of the new.

"From carpool to the beautiful patio, it’s all so nice. Sometimes, I love doing my work on the outdoor patio in the new building. It is serene and nice to be out there.

George Burnett
Class of 2024

New Building in Action

Below is just a sampling of students enjoying the new spaces! The second gym has ensured that all grades can stay active, safely away from the Texas heat. The Little Theater is propelling our little actors to a new level. The music classrooms are exceptionally equipped! The yoga/dance studio has been a refuge. And the patio on the second floor has been enjoyed by students, teachers, and parents.

"The addition of the community building to our campus is a game changer. Trinity's already exceptional program has reached new heights thanks to the thoughtfully crafted spaces and offerings the building provides."

Michelle Cline
Parent of Riley (8th), Avery ('20) and Kate ('17)

Special Thanks!

Campaign Leadership Committee


Katherine and Pat Jones

Head of School

Jennifer Morgan

Board of Trustees Chair

Lisle Whitworth

Campaign Director

Kristi Katz

Campaign Manager

Lali Rambeau


Manjeera and Jasvant Adusumalli
Shelly Bain (Immediate Past Chair, Board of Trustees)
Sabrina and Jay Brown
Mark Burnett
Morgan and John Burnham
Michelle and Alan Cline
TJ Hendricks
Arron and Christopher Hester
Carrie and Robert Hicks
Shanna Hines
Katie and Jordan Jaffe
Amanda Lipstein
Yuniedth and Jennings Steen
Caroline and John Trube
Elisabeth and Alex Tynberg
Shanna Weiss
Scott Whitworth

Campaign Advisory Committee


Milam Newby


Amy and Josh Baer
Joelle and David Beisner
Jamie and Blake Chandlee
Katie and Greg Henry
Ashli and Casey Knust

"Having access to a space that is not mixed use and is a fully functioning theater has brought theater classes at Trinity to a new level."

Michelle Escuder
Middle School Theater Teacher

Thank You, Donors!

We could not have done this without YOU! We have been blown away by the generosity of our donors. We're so thankful to be part of a community that lifts up each other and our school to be all that it can be!

Promise Pinnacle

The Paul E. Andrews Jr. Foundation
Anonymous (1)

Promise Pioneer
($500,000 - $999,999)

Katie and Jordan Jaffe
Anonymous (1)

Promise Pacesetter
($250,000- $499,999)

Shelly and David Bain
Michelle and Alan Cline
Arron and Christopher Hester
Katherine and Patton Jones
Pam and Mike Reese
Caroline and John Trube
Lisle and Scott Whitworth
Anonymous (2)

Promise Pedestal
($100,000- $249,999)

Rachel and Jeff Arnold
Amy and Joshua Baer
The Brown Family
Morgan and John Burnham
Jamie and Blake Chandlee
The Scott and Susanna Craig Family
Jessie and Bret Curtis
Jamie and Steven Dell
Amy and David Dunham
Friends and Family of Johnson Dunham
Susan Espinoza and Marc Piatkowski
Kay Favrot
Carrie and Robert Hicks
Ashli and Casey Knust
Jill and J.R. Kraft
Stefanie and Philip Moore
Tory and Milam Newby
The Peeters-Vleugels Family
Johanna and George Peyton
Nancy and Mark Pollard
Lauren and Reagan Reaud
Amy and Mark Rogers
Catherine and Shaesby Scott
Jordan Scott and Shane Mahon
The Han and Dora Shen Family
Caroline and Brian Smith
Mimi and Allen Smith
Elisabeth and Alex Tynberg
Kendell and Blake Williams
Valdez Family
Amelie Wilson Sanders and Wess Sanders
Anonymous (4)

Promise Paver
($50,000- $99,999)

Holly and Jim Bohart
Keryn and Andy Brock
Sabrina and Jay Brown
Sandra and Kevin Brown
Justin and Daisy Cho
Brooke and Jeff Ezell
Katie and Greg Henry
Tom Hill and Patti Halladay
Margaret and Ryan Lang
Jessica and Paul Leggett
Caitlin and Mark Lobosco
Dusty and Travis Machen
Melody and Shain McCaig
Laura and Andrew Mitchell
Kim and Ryan Pitylak
Agatha and Anthony Precourt
Elizabeth and Rob Rogers
Kendra and Walt Roloson
Doris and Thomas Seitz
Nancy and John Seni
Yuniedth and Jennings Steen
Danielle and Kevin Sweeney
Kellie and James Weir
Anonymous (3)

Promise Principal
($25,000- $49,999)

Manjeera and Jasvant Adusumalli
Jenny and Dan Ahearn
Robin and Malcolm Cooper
Leslie and Rob Gandy
Katherine and Jody Goehring
Anne and Michael Harrington
Meredith and Ted Jarrett
Katie and Evan Kastner
Marie Kidd
Nancy and Angus Littlejohn
Jenny Miller and Derek Mellencamp
Jennifer and Todd Morgan
The Roy Gene and Pamela Evans Foundation
Lana Russell
Patty and Matt Schatz
Sapan and Hasmita Shahani
Marie and Barth Timmermann
Anonymous (1)

Promise Protector
($10,000- $24,999)

Fayruz Benyousef and Malek Ben-Musa in honor of Yara Ben-Musa
Josh and Sarah Borders
Mary Burke and Alan Fenton
Nancy and Keith Douglas
Mitzi and Chris Easley
Shannon and Mak Ghangurde
Justin and Wendy Harvey
Christy and Bryan Kranik
Ryan and Carrie Maher
Hallie and John McDonald
Jennifer Murphy and Felix Erbring
Ellen and Michael Navarre
Lana Russell
Karen and Donny Shanks
The Tapestry Foundation
Wolff Family Foundation
Anonymous (1)

Promise Partner
($1,000- $9,999)

Leyla Abou-Samra and Michael Winningham
Robyn and Victor Alcorta
Cheray and Vincent Ashwill
Ken Bautsch
Martha Blackburn
Benee and Marwin Brown
Nhu and Randall DeBastiani
Monica and Bryan Denney
Emily and Gerard DeSantis
Nora and Colin Eddings
Martha and Eric Garcia
Blanche and Kin Gill
Roberta and TJ Hendricks
Kristi Katz 
Sonia and Vamsi Krishna
Mrinalini Kulkarni-Date and Sumit Date
Marlene and Brian Magierski
Jill and John McFarland
Noelle Newby and Matt Miskovsky
Allison and Lee Nalle
Lori and Ron Olfers
Viji and Raj Panda
Lesley and John Pitts
Shanna Prewitt-Hines
Yvonne Queralt and Eric Hopkins
Gabriela and Scott Richardson
Amy and Robert Schutt
Jill Shen and Kevin Pan
Kristi and Cole Simmons
Sarah and William Teten
Danielle Tumminio Hansen and Eric Hansen
Shanna and Kelly Weiss
Polly and Ritchie Williams
Dr. Diana Wilson and Dr. Kenneth Haik
Anonymous (1)

Up to $999

Valerie Acevedo
Kasia Barenska
Ken Bautsch
Kelly Bennett
Cole Blagdan
Laura and Andrew Blank
Kimberly and Marc Bove
Laura Boyd
Meg Brawner
Marisa Brice
Drew Brummer
Courtney and Jake Childers
Caroline Colucci
Hartley Corsi
Pieter Crathorne
Olivia DeBeck
Rebecca Dittmar and Josh Baker
Jennifer and John Dugan
Shawnda Duvall
Michelle and Bill Earley
Jeremy Freitas
Taylor and Jeff Fry
Flavia and Tim Gaskin
Patrick Green
Meagan Hagman
Rebecca and Tori Harrison
Suzanne Herrington
Rory Hertzfeld-Hearse
Marite Ibanez and Mathieu Spindler
Tommy Johnson
Sarah and Joshua Julsonnet
Amanda and Matthew Lipstein
Beth and Ken Malcolm
Carrie and Jeff McDowell
Eleanor Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
Deborah Newkirk
Andrew Petusky
Ashley and Austin Pfiester
Mark Pietka
Laine Porter
Kerri and Jason Qunell
Lali and Jon Rambeau
Karyn and Zach Rayburn
Lori Rey
Ana Rocha
Kara Schell
Amy Schutt
Christine Steck
Christy Sulaiman
Isabel Surface
Elizabeth Trull
Katie and Patton VanVeckhoven
Kathleen Weager
Anonymous (10)

Heart of a Lion

Remembering Johnson Dunham

by Kristi Katz

At Trinity, we seek to nourish the whole child — the academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts that make up our whole selves. In Johnson Dunham, we see someone who shined as a whole person. In honor of Johnson and his love for basketball, we held a special building dedication event for the Dunham family.

Learn More →

Gifts in Celebration of Johnson Dunham

Breece and Dub Adams
Erin and Boone Almanza
Cathy and Greg Arledge
Aileen and Mike Aviles
Catherine Brady
Shannon and Kevin Brady
Corbett, John and Tim Christie Families
Kate and Steve Clark
Madeline and Tyler Cunningham
Haise and Carlton Currie
Carolyn and Tom Curtis
MarrGwen and Patrick Dickson
Betty Dunham
Carol Dunham
Amy and David Dunham
Robin and George Dunham
Scottie Culpepper and Catherine Dunham
Chase Easley
Mitzi and Chris Easley
Julie and Ken Evans
Kristin and Pete Evans
Loralynne and Sam Evans
Kimberley and Mark Ezell
Ellen and Jason Fell
Margie and Paul Gaudin
Lai-Sin and Riley Gill
Beth and David Grimm
Julia and Randy Howry
Cindy and Patrick Hutson
Jan and Bobby Jenkins
Grey Johnson
Julie and Ken Evans
Susan and Michael Klein
Nicole and Brent Covert
Sam and Tim McClure
Kay and Tom McHorse
Dana and Bob Nichols
Jack Edward Owen
Amy Painter Hur
Viji and Raj Panda
Bryce, Brody, Tess and Greg Peters
Beth and Bryan Plater
Carol and Andrew Reifsnyder
Kristin and Bob Roberts
The Saunders Family
Laurel and Hal Schroeder
Donna Scott, Ben and Stacy
The Sealy Family
Judith and Charles Shelton
Rodney and Gail Susholtz and Family
James and Ingrid Taylor Family
Temple Family - Lawrence, Ashley, Will, John and Annie
Kelly Vicars
Chandler and Will Vicars
Vollman Family Foundation
Angela and Craig Watkins
Hessie Williams Owen
Grant Williams and Rachel Wu
Anna and Gus Williams
Linda and Mark Williams
Polly and Ritchie Williams
Lisa and Scott Zodin

"A whole new building that can fit the entire Lower School, plus parents and teachers, has alleviated scheduling and space stress across the campus. Plus, celebrating these big moments for students, like Spirit Day, in certain spaces creates lifelong memories."

Andrea MacKenzie
Director of Student Life

Where It Started

Here's a look back at one of the first videos we ever created for The Trinity Promise capital campaign. Can you believe how much these students have grown?! Although Andrew and Josie are no longer Trinity students, Anson will get to enjoy the new building for years to come.

Josie, Anson, and Andrew tell their stories of why they love Trinity and what the school means to them as students.