Annual Fund

Did you know tuition does not cover the full cost of an exceptional education at Trinity Episcopal School and Blue House Preschool? As an independent school, we do not receive financial support from a parish, the Episcopal Diocese, or the government. The Annual Fund closes the gap and pays for expenses like, classroom supplies, faculty salaries, facility operations, and much more.

Grow: Seeding Hearts and Minds

Our children need consistent tending, attention and care in order to thrive. So does our school. Each year our community nourishes the well-being and growth of our students and teachers through donations to the Annual Fund. We do this because growing hearts, minds, and spirits requires a steady investment of attention and resources.

Our united and generous support of the Annual Fund is a compelling way we support each other and each child, every day. Your gift seeds more than the gap between tuition and the actual costs of education. These funds seed exceptional opportunities for growth that go way beyond the ordinary.

Closing the Gap

The Annual Fund is one way that we ensure excellence at Trinity Episcopal School and Blue House Preschool. Trinity faces a budget gap each year, which amounts to $2,429 per student this year, and your gift to the Annual Fund helps close that gap. The funds raised secure forward-thinking curriculum, classroom and teacher supplies, field trips, extra fun community-building activities for students, facility operations, cultural activities, and much more.

Donor Levels

Trailblazer $50,000+
Visionary $25,000
Sustainer $10,000
Trinity Circle $7,500
Patron Circle $5,000
1999 Society $1,999
Shareholder $1,000
Benefactor $500
Associate $250
Friend up to $249

Frquently Asked Questions

Like all independent schools, tuition does not cover the true cost of a Trinity education. The Annual Fund is a critical source of non-tuition, tax-deductible revenue and helps the school meet yearly operating expenses. It contributes 7% of the school’s operating budget, helping to support and sustain the educational opportunities central to Trinity’s mission. The Annual Fund is an opportunity for every family to help lift our community. The Annual Fund touches every part of campus, and your gift will directly support the classroom experience, from science equipment to art supplies and instruments, field trips, and more.

Your gift also gives our school the financial means to attract and retain the best faculty, serve a talented and diverse student body, and enhance and maintain state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, without a robust Annual Fund, costs would have to be passed on in the form of higher tuition.

If tuition increased to cover the actual cost of all programs, many families could not afford to send their children to our school. Trinity tries hard to keep tuition as low as possible. The Annual Fund is voluntary, and participating shows your commitment to being part of the Trinty community. Some have shared they think of giving back to our school in this way and some have shared they think of it as an expression of gratitude.

No, like most independent schools nationwide, we do not receive funding from a parish, diocese, or the government, and tuition alone doesn’t cover the full cost of an exceptional Trinity education. We established the Trinity Annual Fund to bridge this gap in operating costs and invite everyone to participate voluntarily.

Gifts of all sizes are meaningful and appreciated, as they all help sustain Trinity’s extraordinary culture and create new possibilities for our school and children. While we don’t request a specific amount, we hope you’ll give a meaningful gift to you. The gap between tuition and the actual cost of our operating budget is $2429 per student. We hope you’ll consider a gift in this amount or more if you're able. As a reference, donation levels are listed on our website. While we don’t suggest specific amounts, we hope you’ll give a gift that is meaningful to you. As a reference, we’ve listed donation-giving levels on our website. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but we hope you’ll give your best to Trinity, especially when your child is a student here.

Yes, we do. The development efforts include soliciting foundations and local businesses. These prospective donors want to see initial support from the inside before they will commit to the effort. We’re proud to share that before October 1st, we even reached 99% of faculty and staff giving! Trinity means more than a job to our employees. We take our commitment to community to heart and invite you to do so, too.

Matching gifts come from corporations or foundations that “match” an employee’s contribution. This allows parents to double or even triple the amount of their contribution to Trinity. Since donations to the Annual Fund are 100% tax deductible, many donations qualify for additional grants from corporate matching gift programs; we hope you’ll consider this a meaningful way to enhance your gift to Trinity. Please inquire if your company offers this. Many do!

Gifts are recognized in the school's annual report by giving level. If you give at the $1999 and above level, you are automatically part of the 1999 Giving Society for the year. Donors that give at the Leadership level ($5000 and above) are also invited to our annual Celebration of Giving party at the end of the school year.

No. You only give once, and you should only be asked once (through your youngest’s child grade), and we will count you as participating for each child.

Yes! Every gift, no matter the size, has a real impact. Your participation is a voice of support and confidence. Your Annual Fund contribution is a testament to our community’s belief in our mission.

Yes, at 100%. Trinity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and gifts are tax-deductible as allowable by law. Please consult your tax advisor with specific questions.

In contrast to the Annual Fund, gifts supporting the current fiscal year’s day-to-day operations, Capital campaign gifts are for a specific project, often with a determined time frame, and span more than one fiscal year. Capital projects are over and above the operating budget. These building projects assist the school's long-term growth. Contributions to these special campaigns can be pledged over three to five years. Annual Fund pledges and gifts are designed to be fulfilled by the end of our fiscal year – June 30th. The two types of campaigns support different areas and do not overlap.

Unfortunately, that is not an option at this time but if you have a child in the Preschool, your gift will go to the Preschool. If you have multiple children or children at both Trinity and Blue House, your gift will be split accordingly.

You may make a donation several ways.

• Online through our website

• Through the parent portal

• Check

• Stock and wire transfers

If you would like to make a gift but would like to pay at a later date, that is great! You may make a pledge, which counts towards our goal and your participation. Additionally, if you would like to make a donation and pay over a certain number of months, we are happy to set that up for you. Please contact the Development office directly.