We can't do this without you.

We depend on parents to lift up our school and each other. Whether volunteering for a school event or just helping a new family navigate carpool, our parents transform Trinity from a school into a community. We are blessed to have a culture where people truly want to help each other feel connected and welcome, and it’s something we hear parents cite again and again when we ask them why they chose Trinity Episcopal School.

"It felt like home from the moment we stepped on the campus. The parents are just heartwarming, loving, kind people. I can call any of them at any time and say, 'Hey, can you pick up my son?'"

Kim K.
Trinity Parent

Track your student's progress.

We are your partners! We are here to help you provide your child with the education and encouragement they need to thrive, keeping you informed at every step along the way.

Trinity tracks up to 52 competencies (31 academic, 21 behavioral) and includes them in your child’s report card each trimester. We also use more than 20 national benchmarks to track how Trinity students compare to those at other schools. All of this information is analyzed within the context of your child’s specific learning profile. Every trimester, our data response teams (DRTs) spend hours analyzing the numbers in order to assess and modify each student’s educational journey.

Though we use a data-driven approach, we understand that numbers don’t tell the whole story. Teachers provide written comments that explain your child’s progress in each course, and we invite parents to campus twice a year for parent-teacher conferences. Our faculty and staff work really hard to know your child, but we’ll never know them like you do! We’re here to support your family and give your child the educational experience that’s best for them.

The parent-school partnership is critical to understanding each child's learning profile and delivering the optimal educational experience.

“You get a real, rich picture — a portfolio — of your child’s growth. And you get analysis from each of the teachers. I really appreciate the portfolio approach in this standards-driven, test-driven society.”

Anthony B.
Trinity Parent

Plug in with Parent Council

We depend on volunteers to support our programs, activities and events! Parent Council leads this effort, and we invite every Trinity parent to get involved, whether you have a lot of time to share or just a little. The council meets every other month and all current Trinity parents are welcome. Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with ongoing programs as well as one-off events. Volunteer signups go live during the second week of school.

Learn more about Parent Council →

Every parent is automatically a member of Parent Council, and there are about 200 different volunteer opportunities throughout the course of the year, from helping with crosswalk duty to coordinating school-wide events. Whether you have a lot of time to give or just a little, there is a place for you to jump in and connect with the Trinity community.