Our Philosophy

Girl evades a defender during flag football practice

Promoting a Culture of Inclusiveness

Athletics are an integral part of the Trinity Episcopal School experience. We have a no-cut policy meaning all of our Middle School students have an equal opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics, regardless of skill or experience, however, we place our athletes into teams based on grade and skill level. Through our athletics program, students represent Trinity with pride and develop a deep sense of school spirit. More than 90% of our middle schoolers participate in our athletics program and many of them play multiple sports. We field more than 50 athletic teams a year across three seasons and boast the highest participation of any middle school athletics program in the Austin area.

Because interscholastic athletics is a co-curricular program at Trinity, the Physical Education and Athletics Department work closely with the academic departments to promote the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth of all students. We are committed to excellence and strive to provide every student with an environment in which they can succeed. The Athletic Department hires qualified coaches to instruct sport-specific skills and values, but they are teachers first and strategists second; the practice area is their classroom.

While it is inherent in competitive athletics to strive for victory, we believe that helping a team reach its maximum potential is the ultimate goal.

Coaches teach life lessons by fostering the development of four important relationships:

1. Relationship to Team

Developing an understanding of the team dynamic and learning to put the team above the individual is an important part of athletics at Trinity. We want our students to understand how self-sacrifice can benefit the team or the whole.

2. Relationship to Teammates

Students learn how to work with teammates to achieve a common goal. The development of effective communication and collaboration skills allows our students to become a team.

3. Relationship to Coach

Our students learn how to fulfill their role defined by the coach and trust the coach's advice and instruction. An important part of the student-coach relationship is learning to respect and work well with authority while developing the confidence to communicate with an authority figure. This allows students to advocate for themselves and their teammates when communicating with the coach.

4. Relationship to Self

Athletics are a leadership opportunity. Learning to persevere through demanding practices, disappointing performances and controversial calls allows students to strive for continual improvement and challenge oneself to set and achieve personal goals. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions but taking pride in one’s work builds character and helps our students personify the Trinity values of humility, sportsmanship, hard work, discipline, dedication and commitment to your team.


We want to do all we can to help each student-athlete reach their maximum potential. Our mission is to develop the whole student, not just the athlete.


What We Offer
  • A well-balanced and varied program of interscholastic athletics.
  • Education on the value of competition and respect for the game, teammates, coaches, opponents and officials.
  • Development of athletic skills.
  • Development of a strong work ethic as well as a sense of self-discipline and self-sacrifice.
  • Education on the value of commitment, teamwork and cooperation.
  • Development of good, sound judgment, character and leadership.
  • Education on the value of ethical conduct, sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Development of loyalty and pride in one’s self, their team and the school community.
What We Expect of our Students
  • To be a worthy representative of teammates, coaches, and the school community, abiding by school, community, athletic department and team expectations.
  • To maintain health and fitness levels by following the training rules prescribed by the coach.
  • To reflect the knowledge that victory is nothing without your teammates and a commitment to hard work in practice and games.
  • To understand that athletics is just part of the big picture. A Trinity Tornado student strives to achieve excellence in all areas.
  • To learn to deal with adversity in an honorable way and to capitalize on growth opportunities.
  • To express feelings intelligently and appropriately.
  • To accept the responsibilities of team membership: support your teammates, have positive interactions with coaches and teachers and always be respectful.
  • To balance a demanding academic schedule with your responsibilities as a Trinity Tornado team member.