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Sports by Season

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All sports offered to boys and girls in grades 5-8, unless otherwise noted.

Season Sports



volleyball (girls)
cross country
flag football (grades 5-6)
TackleBar football (grades 7-8)
tackle football (boys, grades 7-8)
Winter basketball (grades 3-8)
soccer (grades 7-8)
Spring baseball
soccer (grades 3-6)

Developing Positive Teammates and Confident Leaders

We provide a supportive, encouraging, challenging and fun environment to help build confidence and positive attitudes. Beginning in fifth grade, the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics is offered to all Middle School students. We're a member of the Austin Inter-Parochial League (AIPL), which consists of 20 private schools in and around the greater Austin area. Our athletics program helps develop a strong sense of self, confidence and the ability to communicate and collaborate with others. Helping a team to reach its maximum potential athletically and personally is the ultimate goal.

Trinity Lacrosse

No-Cut Policy

We believe in an inclusive program with a no-cut policy to promote participation among all middle school students. Through participation in athletics, students are provided the opportunity to represent their school with pride and to develop a deepened sense of school spirit. We are proud to boast over an 80% participation level in the athletics program. Trinity fields over 25 teams per year within three athletic seasons. 

Physical Education (PE)

We believe in developing confident, skilled movers who find enjoyment participating in physical activity. As a result, our students will adopt a lifelong pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle. The universal language of sport provides a connection to our own culture and the world. Through active participation, students learn to respect others, become leaders and work cooperatively in groups. Their physical involvement will promote physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual balance.

Students learn to develop an intrinsic motivation and mindset to stimulate internal drive producing a strong work ethic. Physical activity provides a platform to teach students life lessons and values that will benefit them in all aspects of their life. Students learn how to think strategically, problem solve, make decisions and overcome adversity. We provide an outlet for students to express themselves, be reinvigorated and be exposed to and experiment with different skills and activities in a fun, non-threatening and encouraging environment. Lower School has PE class every day and Middle School has it every other day.

PE Skills & Activities

  • Fitness concepts
  • Movement development
  • Character education
  • Team-building activities
  • Cooperative games
  • Team sports (e.g., basketball, soccer, etc.)
  • Racquet sports
  • Track and field