Financial Assistance

Every child deserves an exceptional education! Over the last three years, every single family who demonstrated need received assistance, with an average award of 50% of tuition and fees. We believe socioeconomic diversity enriches the educational experience for everyone. Participation of a wide range of students and families is critical to our school's mission.

Don't Just Hang On!

We don't want anyone to stretch themselves too far to come to Trinity. We look at more than just income and consider your entire financial situation, including things like number of dependents, other tuition costs, and medical expenses.

How to Apply for Assistance

We partner with a service called Clarity, an impartial third-party platform that helps you manage your application for tuition assistance. Clarity is easy to use and affordable (the $55 fee is waived for qualifying applicants), and they offer customer service in both English and Spanish ( The deadline to apply for financial assistance is the same deadline to apply for enrollment: November 30 for Blue House Preschool and January 31 for Trinity Episcopal School (grades K–8).

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Top 4 Myths About the Affordability of Private Schools

1. Private schools only want wealthy families.

False! One of our core values is "Diverse Community," and that includes socioeconomic diversity. We believe all forms of diversity, seen and unseen, enrich the educational experience. Our average financial assistance award is about 50% of total tuition and fees. Additionally, the admission process operates independently of the financial assistance process. So, applying for assistance could not hurt your chances of being accepted for enrollment.

2. My financial information won't be kept private.

Not true! We partner with a service called Clarity, an impartial third-party platform that helps you manage your application for tuition assistance. This allows us to access your financial data securely and confidentially. The only people on our staff who can access your data is the financial assistance committee. The purpose of the committee is to analyze and verify your family data and any unusual circumstances you are experiencing.

3. My family's income is too high to be eligible for assistance.

Don't be so sure. Income is just one of the factors we consider. Some others include the number of dependents, other tuition costs, and unusual expenses such as unexpected medical bills. Any family who is financially stretched and can use assistance should apply every year, even if they didn’t qualify in the past. Financial situations can change dramatically year to year. Many families who would qualify for assistance never apply for it, unfortunately, because they fear they won’t qualify.

4. School budgets are too tight to provide much assistance.

We can’t speak for other schools, but this isn’t true for Trinity Episcopal School of Austin. One of our top priorities is a well-funded financial assistance budget. In any given school year, Trinity allows for up to 12% of our operating income to go toward financial assistance, and in most years we do not meet that threshold.

We value socioeconomic diversity.

One of our core values is "Diverse Community," and that means much more than ethnicity. We value diversity in all its forms — culture, religion, political perspectives, and socioeconomic status. We are a community of different backgrounds and voices. Celebrating our differences and commonalities is an important part of our mission to nurture the whole child.

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We're Here to Help!

No matter where you are in the application process, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Admission Team! You can email us at or call us at 512‑472‑9525.

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