Investing in Your Child's Future

Your child's education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Investing in a Trinity education means your child will be nurtured by teachers who practice both the art and the science of teaching. We are a community grounded in faith, and we are dedicated to the success, well-being and happiness of every child whose care is within our trust. Trinity students are excited about learning, ready for a challenge, and they graduate ready to successfully navigate their ever-expanding world.

Trinity mother with her son and daughter

Lower School
(Grades K–4)


Tuition & Fees*

Trinity mother with her daughter and son

Middle School
(Grades 5–8)


Tuition & Fees*

*Tuition & Enrollment Details
The numbers above do not include an annual $850 registration fee. Tuition and fees may be paid annually, semi-annually or in 10 monthly installments. All new Trinity families are required to pay a one-time facility use fee of $3,500 per student, which is not included in the numbers above.



Financial Assistance

As you search for the best school for your child, you may find that financing an independent school education represents a challenge for your family. You are not alone! About 15% of our families received financial assistance last school year. Do not let the cost of tuition stand in the way of considering a Trinity education for your child. Let us extend a helping hand.

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