Faculty Professional Development

Preparing People for Extraordinary Work

Our educators continually research and evaluate curriculum and teaching practices to ensure the quality, relevance and effectiveness of all aspects of their work with students. The faculty embraces a “growth mindset” — a willingness to work hard, take risks, learn from mistakes and constantly seek improvement. The most current research in the field of education proves that the breadth and quality of a school's professional development program are directly reflected in higher levels of student achievement.

Trinity has a great tradition of tangible support for faculty professional development. We venture out to workshops across the country, learning from top researchers and thinkers in every field. On campus, we arrange for nationally recognized experts to coach us in improving our craft. Our educators travel internationally to study the best practices in the world. In addition to daily time spent working with colleagues, we designate one Tuesday each month as a TALL Tuesday (Teachers as Leaders and Learners), where faculty and staff meet in small groups to collaborate and share best practices.

Areas of Professional Development

  • Visualizing and verbalizing mathematics
  • Neuroscience and the classroom
  • Multisensory grammar
  • Writing
  • Diversity
  • Understanding by design
  • Art education
  • STEM education
  • Natural science
  • Positive coaching / physical education
  • Educational technology
  • Designing interdisciplinary curriculum