Teachers in a professional development workshop


Committed to Supporting our Faculty and Staff

Our spring fundraising event ensures that our faculty and staff have access to the best professional development opportunities. In a typical year, we carve out more than $250,000 for programs, activities and conferences that will help our teachers, coaches and staff stay on the leading edge of education. We're always looking for ways to improve as educators, and though we do require some school-wide professional development programs, we also empower our teachers choose opportunities most relevant and useful for them.

Our Teachers Are Lifelong Learners

Middle School Academic Dean Karyn Rayburn explains why professional development is so central to our culture and mission.


Track Record of Success

We have a storied tradition of tangible support for faculty professional development. We venture out to workshops across the country, learning from top researchers and thinkers in every field. On campus, we arrange for nationally recognized experts to coach us in improving our craft. Our educators travel internationally to study the best practices in the world. In addition to daily time spent working with colleagues, we designate one Tuesday each month as a TALL Tuesday (Teachers as Leaders and Learners), where faculty and staff meet in small groups to collaborate and share best practices.

Focus Areas

  • Visualizing and verbalizing mathematics
  • Neuroscience and the classroom
  • Multisensory grammar
  • Writing
  • Diversity
  • Understanding by design
  • Art education
  • STEM education
  • Natural science
  • Positive coaching / physical education
  • Educational technology
  • Designing interdisciplinary curriculum

Examples as Participants & Presenters