Preschool boy coloring

Research-Driven & Child-Centered

Preschoolers are hands-on, energetic, and full of questions. That's why we created a learning environment to be exactly that!

With a curriculum built on the latest research and common sense, Blue House Preschool is a place where children explore the world and themselves, and build the foundation to become the best learners they can be.

Focus Areas


Student-Centered Approach

Students enjoy the stability of safe, daily routines and the freedom to share their voice, become more independent, and build friendships.

Social-Emotional Learning

Through play and self-expression, students learn how to build relationships, manage emotions and develop self-awareness.

Language Arts

Strengthening all modes of communication through reading, writing, speaking, hand gestures, body language, listening, singing, rhyming, and illustrating.


Exploring a wide range of mathematical concepts with a focus on basic arithmetic.

Social Studies

An integrated curriculum of reading, writing, math, science, dramatic play, art, music, and literature.


Students begin learning the scientific method through hands-on experiments within their environment, focusing on earth, physical, and life sciences.


PK Virtual Open House

Tue, Nov 16, Noon

Learn more about the admission process for Blue House Preschool at Trinity Episcopal School during this virtual event.


Meet the Faculty

Led by Head of Preschool Martha Blackburn, our preschool teachers are focused on using best practices to provide a safe, nurturing environment where preschoolers are able to explore the world and themselves.

Meet THE team


Preschool FAQs

“Trinity has considered the idea of incorporating an early-childhood program for many years, as preschool preparatory curriculum dovetails well with our K-8 model."

Jennifer Morgan
Head of School, Trinity Episcopal School