Our Faculty Make the Difference

"Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system."Sydney Hook, 20th-century philosopher

Our teachers and coaches are masters of their craft who truly know each of their students. Trinity faculty are thoughtful and knowledgeable professionals who care deeply about both content and process. They seek to challenge, inspire, encourage and stretch their students. They look for the “teachable moments” and capitalize on the opportunity to make deep connections and teach for understanding.

Trinity faculty continually research and evaluate curriculum and teaching practices to ensure the quality, relevance and effectiveness of all aspects of their work with students. They develop a “growth mindset” — a willingness to work hard, take risks, learn from mistakes and constantly seek improvement.

Teacher Features

In our Teacher Feature series, we get to know some of our fantastic faculty in just 60 seconds. Lower School is a supportive and nurturing community. We carefully cultivate a sense of belonging so students can master social and emotional skills and find their voice. Middle School teachers combine expert knowledge with a passion for educating young adolescents. They thoughtfully invest in the intellectual, social/emotional, aesthetic/creative, physical, and ethical development of each student as they guide, mentor, and coach.

Tommy Johnson

4th Grade Mathematics

Mr. Johnson confesses he was a bit of a troublemaker as a student, but his favorite teacher helped him focus. He also explains why he loves teaching.

Meg Renwick
Lower School Art

Jordan Williams

Craig Cannon
Middle School History

Amy Patskowski
4th Grade Literacy

Trinity Faculty by the Numbers


Faculty with Post-Grad Degrees
5% with doctorates


Student-Teacher Ratio
Teachers supported by teaching fellows and learning specialists


Supporting daily PE and 13 sports

"The advantageous teacher-to-student ratio makes it seem as if the school was able to customize a learning plan for our children specifically. The collaborative and interactive learning environment at Trinity has helped our kids gain confidence in both academics and social settings."Trinity Parent


Specialists & Teaching Fellows

Our average class size is about 20 students, but our teacher-student ratio is 7:1. How? A supporting network of teaching fellows and learning specialists allow our students to receive the personalized attention they need to thrive.


Lower School Mathematics

Delane Weber outlines how we encourage students, starting in kindergarten, to think of themselves as mathematicians who explore core concepts rather than follow procedures.

Lower School Literacy
Ashley Pfiester & Bo Shephard

Lower School Technology
Mathieu Spindler

Middle School Technology
Sarah Venkatesh

Teaching Fellows

Teaching fellows work with the lead teacher to provide more personalized attention to each student. In this lesson, fellow Lori Rey and lead teacher Kimberly Bove guide kindergarteners through strategies for adding a set of three numbers. Together, the teachers can support the entire class and focus their attention when needed.

"I grew up in a household of educators who emphasized having a growth mindset and being a lifelong learner. This mindset, paired with my love of children, made for an easy career choice!" MacKenzie Harrison, 3rd Grade Teaching Fellow

Athletics & PE

Coaches work closely with the academic departments to promote the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth of all students. We are committed to excellence and strive to provide every student with an environment in which they can succeed. We have a no-cut policy meaning all of our Middle School students have an equal opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics, regardless of skill or experience, however, we place our athletes into teams based on grade and skill level. More than 90% of our middle schoolers participate in our athletics program and many of them play multiple sports. We field more than 50 athletic teams a year across three seasons and boast the highest participation of any middle school athletics program in the Austin area.

TJ Hendricks

Director of Athletics & PE

Coach Hendricks became Trinity’s Director of Athletics and Physical Education in summer of 2020. He joined the Trinity family in 2013 and has served a variety of roles, including PE Teacher, PE Coordinator, Assistant Athletic Director, and coach for the volleyball, basketball and baseball teams.

Stephen Braggs
PE, Football

Kat Hyde
PE, Volleyball

Brooks Holder
PE, Cross Country, Lacrosse

Evan Jackson
PE, Basketball, Football

Debra Newkirk
PE, Volleyball

Kayla Cortez
Athletic Trainer

Professional Development

Trinity faculty members are part of an active learning community who attend workshops across the country to learn from top researchers and thinkers in numerous fields. On campus, we arrange for nationally recognized experts to coach us on improving our craft. We travel internationally to study the best practices in the world. We also work collaboratively with colleagues, from researchers at the nearby University of Texas to top national consultants.

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Teachers in a professional development workshop