Below are details on courses offered during the school day, though some require time commitments beyond normal school hours. Visit the Extracurriculars page to learn more about clubs, academic competitions, and athletics, which require significant participation outside the school day. 

Student creates a traditional Japanese painting.

Middle school art students creating traditional Japanese paintings. Art classes teach kids techniques for visually expressing ideas and feelings, but they also connect to other curricula like social studies, history, geography, and science.

Grades 5-6

Building a foundation for creativity.

In grades 5-6, students rotate through four courses on creativity and design, which build on experiences from Lower School. Fifth graders start with two days of electives each week, which increases to three days a week in sixth grade. All students take the same electives for the first two years of Middle School to establish a foundation. Starting in seventh grade, students can choose from 20 electives courses across a wide variety of disciplines.

Co-Curricular Courses for Grades 5–6

Starting in 5th grade, we assign students a rotation of co-curricular courses to introduce the concept of electives. Students can choose electives starting in 7th grade.


Middle school theater students performing the comedy Questionable. Each fall, Middle School theater students perform a straight play — a comedy or drama that tells a story entirely through the spoken word. Students perform a musical in the spring.

Grades 7-8

Allowing students to explore their own interests.

In grades 7 and 8, students can choose from 20 courses across four categories: Creative Arts, Publications, STEAM and Community Engagement. Electives help students cultivate new interests and passions as they experience a well-rounded menu of classes. We recommend students take at least one course from each category over the course of two years. Some courses are year-long, meeting two days a week, and some run for one trimester, meeting three days a week.

Electives for Grades 7–8




Additional Enrichment Opportunities

Learn more about clubs, academic competitions, and athletics, which give students opportunities to develop their interests and chase their passions beyond normal school hours.

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