Middle School

Grades 5–8

We give students an engaging and developmentally appropriate experience, balancing the demands of a rigorous academic program with the needs of growing adolescents. And our broad range of electives and extracurricular opportunities gives students agency in their educational journey.

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Our curriculum and scheduling are based on leading research as well as proven best practices, creating a learning environment that is forward-thinking and evidence-based. We strategically space breaks throughout the day, and our advisory program is purposeful, guiding older students as they navigate a complex world and learn skills vital to their success beyond Trinity. We're deeply committed to supporting the development of our students as caring, respectful human beings as well as scholars.


Putting Students in the Driver's Seat

8th Grade Geometry

Our Look Inside video series shows unscripted snippets of our teachers, students and curriculum in action. In this edition, Mr. Petusky challenges his students to lead the lesson as they explore a geometry proof and apply concepts like flowchart, bisector, and congruence.

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Core Curriculum

Course outlines for core subject areas like math, English, history, etc.

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Opportunities for students to have agency in how they enrich their academic experience.



Athletics, clubs, and academic competitions offered beyond normal school hours.

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Middle School Faculty


A Culture of Caring

Our teachers thoughtfully invest in the intellectual, social/emotional, aesthetic/creative, physical and ethical development of each student as they guide, mentor and coach. They work together on grade-level teams and in departments to bring their collective knowledge, experiences and expertise to benefit all our students. We want to inspire active learners who think critically across all disciplines, so Middle School emphasizes skills and attitudes that allow our students to express ideas effectively and solve problems independently and collaboratively. We create an environment where learning can be both serious and fun, and where students see learning as an inherently rewarding, lifelong process.


Each middle school grade level has five or six advisories, which consist of one teacher and 10 to 12 students. The advisor is the main liaison between home and school and acts as an academic coach, helping students develop academically, emotionally and socially throughout the middle school years. Advisories meet together for about 20 minutes each day, periodically at lunch and at other specially scheduled times. The goal of the program is to foster positive social interactions, moral and ethical decision making, and respect for self, community and the world.

On the Leading Edge of Education

Faculty professional development is an integral part of our culture. We continually research and evaluate curricula and teaching practices in order to ensure the quality, relevance and effectiveness of all aspects of our work with students. We truly embrace a “growth mindset” — a willingness to work hard, take risks, learn from mistakes and constantly seek improvement.

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Extra Support at an Age When It's Needed Most


Chris Ernest, Middle School Dean of Students is one of more than 20 members of our Middle School Support Team.

Middle School Support Staff

Supporting Students & Teachers

Middle School is a time of transition and new challenges, and that can be tough to navigate! We have a team of more than 20 support staff helping students develop academically, emotionally and socially. We aim to foster positive social interactions, moral and ethical decision making, and respect for self, community and the world.

Meet the Team

Trinity parents Morgan and John Burnham share their thoughts on our Extensions program, an extra period that enables us to meet the unique needs of each child.


Extra Focus Where Each Child Needs It Most

Extensions is a program of differentiated and blended learning built on a Response-to-Intervention (RTI) framework that occurs in first, second, and third grade. Students can stretch themselves in areas where they excel, or they can focus on areas where they need a little help, which builds confidence and a love of learning. Students learn and progress at a level that's just right for them, even if it means stepping back to grade-level content from previous years, or ahead to advanced years.

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Eight graders enjoy a graduation ceremony where they formally accept their diploma and sign our book of graduates.

High School Placement

Partnering for Success

As our students approach middle school, their academic strengths, interests, learning styles, and gifts become defined. By eighth grade, they are ready to play an active role in choosing their next educational experience, and they don’t have to do it alone. Trinity offers a high school placement program that partners with parents and empowers students to find their ideal fit for the next level.

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Our Curriculum in Action

Our Look Inside video series shows unscripted snippets of our teachers, students and curriculum in action.

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Parent Stories

Hear parents in their own words describe their experiences and explain why they chose Trinity over other schools.

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Why K–8?

Pairing lower schoolers and middle schoolers offers a better balance compared to K–12 and other models.

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Who Is the Trinity Middle Schooler?

Perhaps the best way to understand the type of community we're aiming to foster is to take a look at the medals we award annually during our graduation ceremony.

Trustee Medal

In honor of our Board of Trustees, entrusted with the guiding our long-term future of our school, and awarded to the graduate with the highest overall average in core academic classes. Underscores our core value of "Enriched Academics Excellence."

Fellowship Medal

Awarded to the graduate who best exemplifies inclusiveness, acceptance, and understanding in everyday relationships and experiences at Trinity and in the larger world. Underscores our Episcopal identity and Diverse Community, one of our four core values.

Trinity Spirit Medal

Awarded to the graduate who is a tangible example of the intangible Trinity spirit. This student is characterized by a strong and good-humored work ethic, good citizenship, empathy, appreciation, and high morale. Underscores our mission to nurture the whole child.

James Edward Horne Medal

Inspired by the faith and commitment of founding Board President Ed Horne, who dreamed of helping kids lead a values-based, faithful life. Underscores our core value of "Christian Foundation"

Jane Ferguson Hill Medal

Recognizes a graduate for total contribution to the life of the School. Like Jane herself, this student is the personification of Trinity’s four core values: Christian Foundation, Enriched Academic Excellence, Diverse Community, and Commitment to Family.


Giving Students Agency in Their Educational Journey


In our robotics club, students learn about the basic types of electric motors and design simple robots to better understand the applications of each type.


Developing New Passions

We want to give kids the chance to chase their passions! In grades 5-6, students rotate through four courses on creativity and design, which build on experiences from Lower School. Starting in seventh grade, students can choose from 23 electives courses ranging from choir to journalism to robotics.

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We offer a competitive and inclusive athletics program, fielding more than 50 teams across 11 sports. More than 90% of middle schoolers participate. All kids in grades 1–8 are welcome, no matter their skill or experience.


Clubs, Academic Competitions & Athletics

We offer a no-cut athletics program that's both inclusive and competitive. We assign teams based on age and skill level, so there's room for kids no matter their interest or experience. More than 90% of our middle schoolers participate in our athletics program and many of them play multiple sports. We field more than 50 athletic teams a year across three seasons and boast the highest participation of any middle school athletics program in the Austin area.

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Sample Schedule

We strategically space breaks throughout the day, and our advisory program is purposeful, guiding older students as they navigate a complex world and learn skills vital to their success beyond Trinity.

Period No. Period Name Start Time End Time
1 Spanish


2 History 8:52 9:39
  Snack Break 9:39 9:49
  Chapel 9:54 10:14
  Advisory 10:17 10:37
3 English 10:42 11:29
4 Tech Theater 11:34 12:21
  Lunch / Activity 12:21 1:06
5 Algebra 1:11 1:58
6 Science 2:03 2:50
7 PE 2:55 3:40
  Carpool 3:45 4:00