Lower School

Grades K–4

Our Lower School provides a supportive community and a sense of belonging that helps children master reading, writing, mathematics and social-emotional skills. The curriculum promotes a deep understanding of numbers, creative problem solving, the scientific method and literacy skills. Core subject areas are supplemented with world languages, art, music, PE, STEM and robust after-school programs. Our Lower School curriculum is thorough, rigorous and rooted in best practices. We foster quantitative reasoning, the scientific approach and literacy skills across the curriculum, and underlying all of it is a strategy of active, student-led learning. Students participate in exploring information, making meaning, solving problems, understanding arithmetic, increasing comprehension and crafting ideas through practices that promote active engagement.

Our students explore information, make meaningful connections and solve problems both collaboratively and independently. We prioritize academics, but we also celebrate successes and perseverance because we believe children learn best through active learning and positive reinforcement. These essential skills and habits begin in Lower School, continue through Middle School, and benefit students well after their time at Trinity ends. 


The Right Mix of Rigor and Play

Learn more about our kindergarten program and meet the teachers who make it happen.

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Mixing Science into 2nd-Grade Art

Students learn about atmospheric perspective, color blending, narrative and the science behind the Northern Lights.

More Classroom Videos

Students categorize plants using tablets
Trinity teacher instructs a student.


Our teachers are masters of their craft and are intentional about knowing their students. They are thoughtful and knowledgeable professionals who care deeply about both content and process. They seek to challenge, inspire, encourage and stretch their students. They look for the “teachable moments” and capitalize on the opportunity to make deep connections and teach for understanding.

Lower School is a supportive and nurturing community. We carefully cultivate a sense of belonging so students can master social and emotional skills and find their voice. With the support of a full-time teaching fellow in each classroom, highly trained lead teachers can instill empathy and compassion along with intellectual inquiry, creating a true community of learners.

I am honored and privileged to be a part of the Trinity community. I was looking for a progressive, forward-thinking school that focused on the whole child. When I first toured Trinity and met some of the students and faculty, I knew I had found the right school for me.

Taylor Gamache
Kindergarten Teaching Fellow

Faculty Professional Development

An integral part of our culture is faculty professional development. Trinity's educators continually research and evaluate curricula and teaching practices in order to ensure the quality, relevance and effectiveness of all aspects of their work with students. The faculty embraces a “growth mindset” — a willingness to work hard, take risks, learn from mistakes and constantly seek improvement.

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