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Anthony Brown, Ph.D. is a professor of education and a former classroom teacher. He has two children enrolled at Trinity, one in Lower School and another in Middle School. Dr. Brown says his family is at Trinity because of its balanced, holistic curriculum and an ability to go beyond test scores to provide parents with a rich and comprehensive picture of each student's growth.


Trinity parents Morgan and John Burnham share their thoughts on our Extensions program, an extra period that enables us to meet the unique needs of each child.

Extra Attention Where It's Needed It Most

"Each Child, Each Day" is more than a motto. It's the foundation of our entire philosophy and approach to education. One of the best examples of this philosophy is Extensions, our program of differentiated and blended learning built on a Response-to-Intervention (RTI) framework. Students can stretch themselves in areas where they excel, or they can focus on areas where they need a little help, which builds confidence and a love of learning. Students learn and progress at a level that's just right for them, even if it means stepping back to grade-level content from previous years, or ahead to advanced years.


Our Teachers Make the Difference

Twentieth-century philosopher Sidney Hook said, "Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system." We wouldn't be who we are without our incredible faculty, so we do all we can to support them — like keeping class size low, providing a support network of learning specialists, and funding and encouraging faculty professional development.

Meet Our Faculty

Third-grade math teacher Marrisa Brody explains how Trinity uses the 'constructivist approach' to make education more exploratory and student-centered.


Kindergarten at Trinity

See yearly highlights, meet the teachers, and learn how we create right mix of rigor and play.

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Curriculum Details

Course outlines for core subject areas like literacy, math, social studies, science, world languages, and more.

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Clubs, academic competitions, and athletics give extra opportunities to develop interests and pursue passions.

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On the second day of a two-day lesson, Technology Integration Specialist Matthieu Spindler brings D-Lab supplies to the classroom, showing students how to program robots while applying the math concepts they learned the day before.

Design & Engineering

We weave 'design-thinking' into many subjects, but it's the central focus in our D‑Lab, an innovation maker-space outfitted for hands-on, creative problem solving. Whether sewing fabrics or soldering circuits, programming drones or composing soundtracks, woodworking or 3D printing, students can bring their ideas to life. D-Lab is a fun and interactive way to get kids excited for S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics).

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Teaching Across Disciplines

Our teachers collaborate across subjects for a more enriched academic experience, like this art lesson that incorporates concepts from both science and English. Lower School art teacher Meg Renwick guides students as they explore concepts like atmospheric perspective, color blending, narrative, and the science behind the Northern Lights.

Our Look Inside series showcases unscripted snippets of our students, teachers, and curriculum in action.


Our Curriculum in Action

Our Look Inside video series shows unscripted snippets of our teachers, students and curriculum in action.

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Parent Stories

Hear parents in their own words describe their experiences and explain why they chose Trinity over other schools.

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Why K–8?

Pairing lower schoolers and middle schoolers offers a better balance compared to K–12 and other models.

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We offer lacrosse as young as first grade. Our 'no-cut' policy ensures all kids have a chance to play, no matter their level of interest or experience.

Lower School Athletics

Team sports are a wonderful way for Lower School students to develop their athleticism, experience competition with others of the same age and ability, and enjoy the school spirit that comes with being a part of a school sports team. Our program is no-cut, and we group students based on grade and skill-level, making our teams inclusive yet competitive. We offer basketball for grades 3‑4 and lacrosse for grades 1‑4.

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World Languages Begin in Kindergarten

The early years of a child's development are critically important when it comes to learning a second language. That's why we offer world languages as early as kindergarten. In this lesson, Ms. Lu uses flash cards to help first graders spot similarities between words and phrases. Activities include a matching game, singing, and conversation.

More 'Look Inside' Videos Curriculum Details

Lower School Mandarin teacher Xiaobo Lu uses flash cards to help students spot similarities between words and phrases. Activities include a matching game, singing, and conversation.


"Recently [my kids] asked me to not book any more doctor appointments during school, because they don't want to miss school, and I can't say that's the way it was when I was growing up!"

Katy Dennison, Trinity Parent




Katy Dennison says she was very surprised after her first parent-teacher conference in kindergarten when she learned how much Trinity focuses on social-emotional learning and a love of learning. Katy also talks about the strength of the community, our focus on social-emotional learning, and how she got involved with Parent Council.

Partnering with Parents

Building strong partnerships with parents is one of our four core values and crucial for our mission. We can't nurture the whole child and deliver personalized instruction without parent involvement. We depend volunteers to help us manage community initiatives and meet each child where they are. That's why every parent is automatically a member of our Parent Council.

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Community Events

Trinity is much more than a school. It's a community where friends and family come together. There are so many ways to plug in, either as a volunteer or just as an attendee, and there's a place for everyone. Each year, we host school-wide events that let us build friendships and show off our Trinity spirit.

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Trinity Olympics — One favorite tradition is Trinity Olympics, our version of field day, which brings teachers and students across all grade levels together for a day of outdoor fun.

More Events

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Book Festival

Our librarians and parents organize a weeklong celebration of literacy, authors, and fictional characters.


We deck the halls in December, and wrap up the calendar year with our annual pageant. 


We often celebrate different cultures, but one of our bigger events is the Hindu festival of lights.

Spirit Day

Go, Tornado! We show off our school spirit with a pep rally, activities, and sports.