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A Look Inside Our Curriculum and Approach

Trinity students explore information, make meaningful connections and solve problems both collaboratively and independently. We prioritize academics, but we also celebrate successes and perseverance because we believe children learn best through active learning and positive reinforcement.

Naming Animals in 1st Grade Mandarin
1st Grade
Naming Animals in 1st Grade Mandarin

Ms. Lu uses flash cards to help students spot similarities between words and phrases. Activities include a matching game, singing, and conversation.

"¡Yo Lo Veo!" in Middle School Español
Grades 5-6
"¡Yo Lo Veo!" in Middle School Español

Ms. Bareńska leads her highly engaged class of 5th and 6th graders in a game of "I Spy" to help students practice saying sentences with object pronouns.


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Preschool • Ages 2–4

Our youngest learners explore the world and themselves, and build the foundation to become the best learners they can be.

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Lower School • Grades K–4

Discover a culture of caring that emphasizes collaboration, student-led learning, academic enrichment, differentiated learning, and social-emotional skills.

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Middle School • Grades 5–8

Explore the unique opportunities offered in grades 5–8 such as community service, learning beyond the classroom, and a broad range of electives and extracurriculars.

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