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A Look Inside Our Curriculum and Approach

Trinity students explore information, make meaningful connections and solve problems both collaboratively and independently. We prioritize academics, but we also celebrate successes and perseverance because we believe children learn best through active learning and positive reinforcement.


Comparing Volumes in 3rd Grade Science

Ms. Gaskin guides her students as they measure volumes of solids and liquids and discover the relationship between meters and liters.


Plains, Levels & Proximity in Middle School Theater

In preparation for an annual theater competition, Ms. Stuart explains to her class and an observing group of 5th graders how blocking helps the audience understand the deeper story. Plus, some fun warmup exercises!


Naming Animals in 1st Grade Mandarin

Ms. Lu uses flash cards to help students spot similarities between words and phrases. Activities include a matching game, singing, and conversation.


"¡Yo Lo Veo!" in Middle School Español

Ms. Bareńska leads her highly engaged class of 5th and 6th graders in a game of "I Spy" to help students practice saying sentences with object pronouns.


Conceptualizing Fractions in 3rd Grade Math

With the help of geoboards, Ms. Brody helps her 3rd grade mathematicians make fractions more tangible by relating them to two-dimensional shapes. (Everyone's wearing costumes during Book Festival to honor their favorite literary characters. 😂)


Building & Programming Robots in D-Lab

Students use motors, sensors and coding software to build robots that respond to light, touch, sound and movement.


Mixing Science into Second Grade Art

Students learn about atmospheric perspective, color blending, narrative and the science behind the Northern Lights.


Kindergarteners Stay Active with Daily PE

Students practice exercises like galloping with Mr. Hendricks.


Hands-On Learning in First Grade Mathematics

Students explore their classroom to find three-dimensional shapes, sort them and explain their mathematical thinking. 


Fourth Graders Combat Soil Erosion and Invasive Plants

Students restore a hiking trail and, in the process, learn about soil erosion and invasive plants. 


Multiplication Strategies in Fourth Grade Mathematics

Students practice strategies like 4-Part Array and the Standard Algorithm to solve double-digit multiplication problems.


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