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A Look Inside Our Curriculum and Approach

Trinity students explore information, make meaningful connections and solve problems both collaboratively and independently. We prioritize academics, but we also celebrate successes and perseverance because we believe children learn best through active learning and positive reinforcement.

Addition Strategies in Kindergarten Math

Kindergarteners practice adding three numbers, learning there's more than one way to get to the right answer.  Learn More >

Kindergarteners Stay Active with Daily PE

Kindergarteners practice fun exercises with Mr. Hendricks. Physical education teaches students how to think strategically, problem solve, make decisions and overcome adversity. Learn More >

1st Grade
Naming Animals in 1st Grade Mandarin

Ms. Lu uses flash cards to help students spot similarities between words and phrases. Activities include a matching game, singing, and conversation.

2nd Grade
Geometry and Robots in Second Grade Math

On Day 1 of this two-part lesson, Ms. Trull explains polygons and angles. On Day 2, Mr. Spindler shows the students how to program robots while applying the principles learned the day before.

2nd Grade
Big Feelings in Fewer Words

Ms. Price explains to her second graders the difference between a story and a poem, and the students practice expressing their feelings through poetry.

2nd Grade
Mixing Science into Second Grade Art

Students learn about atmospheric perspective, color blending, narrative and the science behind the Northern Lights.

3rd Grade
Comparing Volumes in 3rd Grade Science

Ms. Gaskin guides her students as they measure volumes of solids and liquids and discover the relationship between meters and liters.

3rd Grade
Conceptualizing Fractions in 3rd Grade Math

With the help of geoboards, Ms. Brody helps her 3rd grade mathematicians make fractions more tangible by relating them to two-dimensional shapes. (Everyone's wearing costumes during Book Festival to honor their favorite literary characters.)

4th Grade
Bisa Butler Inspired Portraits

Lower School Art Teacher Ms. Renwick and fourth grader Amina R. discuss a project inspired by Bisa Butler, world-renowned fabric artist. Students created collages using vibrant colors and patterns to represent people they admire.

4th Grade
Fourth Graders Combat Soil Erosion and Invasive Plants

Students restore a hiking trail and, in the process, learn about soil erosion and invasive plants. 

4th Grade
Multiplication Strategies in Fourth Grade Mathematics

Students practice strategies like 4-Part Array and the Standard Algorithm to solve double-digit multiplication problems.

Middle School
Practicing Sustainability in the Garden

Our garden gives students a chance to connect with nature and practice sustainability. Though middle schoolers keep the garden running, lower schoolers also chip in. For example, first graders grow leafy greens and then enjoy a salad party at the end of the year, eating out of bowls they crafted in art class!

Grades 5-6
"¡Yo Lo Veo!" in Middle School Español

Ms. Bareńska leads her highly engaged class of 5th and 6th graders in a game of "I Spy" to help students practice saying sentences with object pronouns.

Grades 5-8
Plains, Levels & Proximity in Middle School Theater

In preparation for an annual theater competition, Ms. Stuart explains to her class and an observing group of 5th graders how blocking helps the audience understand the deeper story. Plus, some fun warmup exercises!

Grades 5-8
Building & Programming Robots in D-Lab

Students use motors, sensors and coding software to build robots that respond to light, touch, sound and movement.

Grades 5-8
Dream, Design & Discover in D-Lab

Our D-Lab and Robotics classes at Trinity teach students hands-on problem solving, creative discovery, and basic and advanced concepts of building and programming. In these electives, students are given the space, time, and tools to bring their ideas to life.

6th Grade
The Problem of Ocean Plastic Pollution

We've all heard how plastic is wreaking havoc on our oceans. Sixth graders researched different parts of the problem and then repurposed plastic waste into creative sculptures to raise awareness about the issue.

7th Grade
Interpreting Subtext in 7th Grade English

After reading Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, seventh graders explore literary tropes like metaphor and symbolism to understand bigger themes within the context of slavery and the American Revolution.

7th Grade
Designing Experiments in 7th Grade Science

Middle schoolers practice the scientific method and learn about the respiratory and circulatory systems by measuring how exercise affects heart rate and breathing rate.

8th Grade
Constructing a Function in Eighth-Grade Algebra

Students learn how to build a function using a real-world scenario: choosing a summer job. After creating the function, they plot it on a graph to see how concepts like "y-intercept" apply to everyday life.

8th Grade
Proving Mathematical Concepts in 8th Grade Geometry

Mr. Petusky guides his students through a geometry proof. Like detectives gathering clues, the students information they know to infer a solution to a geometrical puzzle.

8th Grade
Walking in Someone Else's Shoes

AT&T’s Accessibility Awareness Lab visited our eighth-grade classes to promote understanding of and empathy for people with disabilities, like vision impairment or hampered motor skills. The activity was part of the curriculum for Innov8, an elective focused on design-thinking and entrepreneurship.


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Our youngest learners explore the world and themselves, and build the foundation to become the best learners they can be.

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Discover a culture of caring that emphasizes collaboration, student-led learning, academic enrichment, differentiated learning, and social-emotional skills.

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Middle School • Grades 5–8

Explore the unique opportunities offered in grades 5–8 such as community service, learning beyond the classroom, and a broad range of electives and extracurriculars.

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