Technology & Remote Learning

A Balanced Approach to Screen Time, Even in a Pandemic

We provide technology resources to students and staff for educational and administrative purposes. We believe that when used appropriately, these tools enhance a student’s ability to access information and think critically, develop visual literacy and collaborative skills, and design real-world solutions to real-world problems. Everyone in our community is accountable for abiding by the Acceptable Use Policy and upholding the highest standards of academic integrity, using all devices, networks, and virtual educational environments in a responsible and ethical manner that furthers education and instruction and is consistent with Trinity’s mission.


Device Policies


Mobile Phones

We prohibit all students from using mobile phones while on campus. As stated in our parent/student handbook, "Cell phones are not compatible with the Trinity educational environment that is built on engagement and collaborative work. Almost all Trinity events are purposefully device-free to encourage connection within the community."


All students in grades K-4 receive a school-issued iPad and protective case. Tablets serve two functions: to teach technology literacy and to help teachers deliver more engaged learning activities. In the classroom, students periodically will spit into thirds — with two groups enjoying an activity and one group enjoying a learning app on their iPads — allowing the two teachers to focus on a group of six or seven students at a time. The groups then rotate so all students can benefit from the focused attention of their teachers.


Lower School students have limited access to laptops via programs like D-Lab Junior — our hands-on maker-space focused on engineering, coding and design thinking. Beginning in 5th grade, we provide each middle schooler with a Macbook Air laptop. 


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