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Kindergarten at Trinity

The Joy of Learning, Inside the Classroom and Out

We believe students learn best through active learning and positive reinforcement. Our dedicated teachers use a forward-thinking, evidence-based curriculum that goes beyond core competencies, extending into areas like social-emotional learning and design thinking. We assess and appreciate each child’s strengths, challenges, individual interests and unique gifts. We also equip our teachers with support staff and technology so students can achieve their greatest potential. That's our commitment to “Each Child, Each Day.”

Mathematics in Kindergarten

Math specialist Delane Weber outlines how we help students think of themselves as mathematicians who explore core concepts rather than follow procedures.

Literacy in Kindergarten

Literacy specialists Ashley Pfiester and Bo Shephard talk about how we meet each child where they are and use play to make reading and writing fun and developmentally appropriate.

The Joyful Journey – Kindergarten at Trinity

Take a Journey with Us

We invite you to explore a year in the life of a Trinity kindergartener! Our dedicated faculty and staff create a nurturing environment of learning and discovery that is just right for developing each child’s individual talents and gifts. We can't wait to show you how! So sit back, relax, and take a leisurely scroll with us through Kindergarten at Trinity Episcopal School.


Look Inside

See classroom videos that show our teachers and curriculum in action.

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Parent Stories

Hear parents describe in their own words why they chose Trinity over other schools.

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Meet the Teachers

Get to know the personalities and teaching styles of some of our kindergarten faculty with these quick introductory videos.

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K8 Buddies blow bubbles on the athletic field

The K–8 Model

Learn why we believe pairing lower schoolers and middle schoolers offers a better balance compared to K-12 and other models.

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Quick Facts



Teachers in Each Classroom

Each lead teacher has support from a teaching fellow, plus a team of learning specialists.


Acres of Campus

In addition to bright, state-of-the-art classrooms, students enjoy outdoor learning spaces like a garden and nature trails.


Years of World Languages

Spanish and Mandarin begin in kindergarten, during the critical early years of brain development.


Students per Class on Average

With two teachers in every class and a team of learning specialists, our student-teacher ratio is 7:1.