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Two Teachers in the Classroom

A Look Inside Kindergarten Math

Lead teachers work closely with teaching fellows to provide more personalized attention to each student. In this lesson, lead teacher Kimberly Bove and fellow Lori Rey guide kindergarteners through strategies for adding a set of three numbers. Together, the two teachers can support the entire class and focus their attention when needed.

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More Personalized Instruction 

Parent Story

Amanda and Clay talk about their kindergarten experience. They most appreciated daily chapel, how welcoming the community was, and the personalized instruction their child received by having two teachers in the classroom.

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I'm always informed of what's happening in the classroom. I always know what my child specifically is learning. I just feel really comfortable with the teaching staff, that our child is getting the instruction he needs.

— Amanda Cowan, Trinity parent


Fostering a Love of Learning

Parent Story

Katy Dennison says she was very surprised after her first parent-teacher conference in kindergarten when she learned how much Trinity focuses on social-emotional learning and a love of learning. Katy also talks about the strength of the community, our focus on social-emotional learning, and how she got involved with Parent Council.

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Recently [my kids] asked me to not book any more doctor appointments during school, because they don't want to miss school, and I can't say that's the way it was when I was growing up!

— Katy Dennison, Trinity parent


Fast Facts



Teachers in Each Classroom

Each lead teacher has support from a teaching fellow, plus a team of learning specialists.


Acres of Campus

In addition to bright, state-of-the-art classrooms, students enjoy outdoor learning spaces like a garden and nature trails.


Years of World Languages

Mandarin and Spanish begin in kindergarten, during the critical early years of brain development.


Student-Teacher Ratio

Classes average 20 students, but with two teachers in every class and a team of specialists, we maintain an exceptional student-teacher ratio.



The Right Balance of Rigor and Play

We believe kids shouldn't grow up too fast! Our kindergarten balances top-notch, research-based academics with play and exploration.



Core Curriculum


Your Trinity Starts Here

We believe students learn best through active learning and positive reinforcement. Our dedicated teachers use a forward-thinking, evidence-based curriculum that goes beyond core competencies, extending into areas like social-emotional learning and design thinking. We also equip our teachers with support staff and technology so students can achieve their greatest potential. That's our commitment to “Each Child, Each Day.”



Math specialist Delane Weber outlines how we help students think of themselves as mathematicians who explore core concepts rather than follow procedures.


Literacy specialists Ashley Pfiester and Bo Shephard talk about how we meet each child where they are and use play to make reading and writing fun and developmentally appropriate.

Daily Physical Education

Active Body, Active Mind

Our mission is to nurture the whole child — academically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We're committed to daily PE because kids learn better when they are active. Staring in 1st grade, lower schoolers can participate in team sports.

I like PE! There's, like, obstacle courses, fun stuff you need to do. In the classroom we do hard stuff and we write, and PE's a little break, and it's so fun.

— Grace E., Kindergartener



Meet the Teachers


Kimberly Bove

Ms. Bove has been teaching since 1985, and she has been at Trinity since 2005. She has a bachelor's in Elementary Education from the University of North Texas. She says she loves teaching kindergartners because they make every day different, they keep her active, and they are unabashedly honest.

Ms. Bove's Teacher Feature

Kathleen Textor

Ms. Textor has been at Trinity since 2019. She has a bachelor's in Early Childhood Education from the University of Delaware and a master's in Literacy Education from New York University. She says her goal is to make her students comfortable and excited to learn because if she can do that at a young age, it can inspire them to be lifelong learners.

Ms. Textor's Teacher Feature

Jordan Williams

Ms. Williams has been teaching since 2013, and she has been at Trinity since 2016. She has a bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies from Baylor University and a master's in Peace and Conflict Studies from University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She says she loves teaching young children because their imaginations are so open, creative, and collaborative.

Ms. Willams' Teacher Feature


Beyond the Classroom


Outdoor Learning

Connecting Kids to Their Natural World

We foster a love of learning, both inside the classroom and out. The classroom can be a wonderful and nurturing place, but it's a big wide world to explore!Our 24-acre campus includes hiking trails, a nature preserve, a community garden. and outdoor lunch area. Students have plenty of chances to get outside and follow their curiousity.

Start Exploring!

K–8 Buddies

Mentorship Program

Our K8 Buddies program exemplifies the K–8 experience! We pair each kindergartner with an eighth grader for playdates and learning activities throughout the year. The program fosters connection and community among our newest students while providing mentorship and leadership opportunities for our oldest students. The eighth graders help their kinder buddies learn what it means to be a Trinity student, and many of them keep in touch with their kindergarten buddies even after they graduate from Trinity.

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