Clubs & Competitions

Clubs and Competitions

Academic enrichment programs challenge students to apply their learning at a higher level. Programs are available in Lower and Middle School and range from in-class competitions to national contests.

Eighth grader speaks at Model UN conference

Model UN

Model UN lets middle schoolers role-play the assemblies of the United Nations. It's an excellent hands-on approach to learning critical thinking and argumentation in a compelling context. By role-playing delegates to the UN, students learn about other countries, cultures and international relationships, while developing a global perspective on real issues confronting the world today. The program culminates in a two-day Model United Nations session on our campus.
In addition to hosting our own Model UN conference, we send a delegation to the Global Elementary Model United Nations (GEMUN) Convention.  Participants are placed on global committees and discuss and debate topics.

Middle schoolers show off their ribbons won during an academic competition


With 19 contest categories covering a wide range of disciplines, the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) provides opportunities for grades 1–8 to engage in academic competition with their peers throughout the state of Texas.

Lower schoolers show off their Math Pentathlon medals

Math Pentathlon

Math Pentathlon is a program of interactive problem-solving games, supportive curricular and instructional activities and assessment tools. Designed for grades K–3, this program provides a highly motivational format for developing and practicing important mathematics concepts and skills, while strengthening strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. This rigorous program is aligned with standards in the areas of number sense, computation, algebra and functions, geometry, measurement and problem solving. 

Students train for the event by practicing five games, discussing various options and possibilities in formulating strategies based on expected counter-moves from the other players. The games challenge students to think strategically and resolve problems that are continually changing. After mastering the games, students compete with other schools at the state tournament. Typically, more than 60% of Trinity students compete in Math Pentathlon, and we have placed as high as second in Texas.

Spelling Bees

Middle schoolers participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, a traditional spoken bee. The winner goes on to represent Trinity at the state qualifying round. Grades 2–4 don't participate in the Scripps bee, but they compete in a written contest, and the top three winners from each grade qualify for the PSIA Spelling Contest.

National Geographic Geo Bee

Since 1989, National Geographic has hosted this event, open to students in grades 4–8 in participating American schools. Our Middle School students participate in the contest, which is designed to spark student interest in geography and to increase global awareness. Faculty determine participants through in-class competitions at each grade level. The winner of Trinity's competition goes on to participate in the Geo Bee state qualifying round in Dallas.