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Natural Classroom & Community Garden

Technology can empower students and educators, but also can distance children from traditional land-based learning and experiences. Students today have limited opportunity to explore the natural environment and experience all it has to offer. Outdoor classrooms promote many types of scientific exploration and observations of real-world phenomena, which help engage the scientific mind. The garden reinforces and brings to life the lessons learned in the seventh-grade life science course — concepts like pollination, genetic variation and photosynthesis.

The Natural Classroom is beside Trinity's outdoor chapel and features an outdoor garden, compost center, rainwater collection system, shaded outdoor classroom and related science equipment. Students have used the garden to grow produce — including spinach and other greens, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash and corn — which are then eaten by faculty and students in our dining hall. Using the compost center, students have recycled thousands of pounds of food waste to fertilize native meadows and garden beds.