Our Story

In the fall of 1999, two teachers and a dozen students began a new school year in a two-story home painted pastel-blue. The mission was clear: to nurture each child's academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.

We quickly outgrew the original "Blue House" and ballooned to more than 100 students by the start of the next school year. In the spring of 2001, we moved to our current campus in West Lake Hills. Those humble beginnings hold a special place in our hearts! If you visit campus, you'll probably notice more than one reference to the "Blue House." We even named our Preschool division after it!

Head of School Jennifer Morgan leads Trinity Episcopal School in its mission to nurture each child academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

After moving to our current location in 2001, we grew at steady and sometimes hectic pace! By 2005, our student body had grown about 300 students in grades K–8, and our campus had expanded to three buildings. We added three more buildings in 2011, followed by Blue House Preschool in 2021. Our latest addition is our new community building, which opened in the fall of 2023. It includes a second gym and blackbox theater, and it expanded our indoor learning space by 31 percent!

Today, Trinity is a PK–8 school with about 650 students and 150 faculty and staff. While the numbers and setting have changed dramatically, we remain true to our commitment of "Each Child, Each Day" and the four core values that guided founder Jane Hill: Christian Foundation, Enriched Academic Excellence, Diverse Community, and Family Commitment.

Where Kids Can Question, Lead, Love, and Thrive

What is Trinity all about? It really boils down to fostering a love of learning and love for one's community. We want our students to be curious, confident leaders who are equipped and inspired to find their voice and make it heard.

The PK–8 Model

Trinity's PK-8 model strikes a great balance! It provides younger students with a nurturing environment while also challenging older kids to step up as leaders and role models. Without a high school, we have fewer age groups to consider, which helps us ensure our instruction is developentally appropriate and highly aligned to the needs of our students. Our kids are closer in age, so they can better understand and relate to their classmates from all grades. This eases social pressures and bolsters empathy, friendship, leadership, and a sense of belonging. These social and emotional benefits are especially important during early adolescence when so much change happens.

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Trinity's inaugural class of 13 first graders in front of the original %22Blue House%22


We will nurture each child academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We will honor each child's spirit for learning and life, ever mindful that we are all children of God.

8th grader with his kindergarten buddies

Our K8 Buddy program matches kindergarteners with 8th graders and exemplifies the K–8 experience by promoting mentorship, empathy, friendship, leadership, and a sense of belonging. Similarly, our Backyard Buddy program pairs 4th graders, our oldest Lower School students, with our oldest preschool students.

Core Values

Grounded in the Episcopal tradition, we foster each student's moral and ethical growth, inclusive of all faiths. Daily Chapel connects our community with what is sacred, and our service learning ensures students learn to respect the dignity of every human being and to engage the challenges of life with compassion and understanding. Learn more →

Enriched Academic
Combining the Trinity tradition of thoughtfully implemented innovation and purposeful nurture, our exceptional faculty members engage each student in an enriched, developmentally appropriate (yet rigorous) academic program within a supportive learning environment. Learn more →

We believe a diverse and inclusive community is essential to a well-rounded education that promotes intellectual curiosity, academic excellence and moral growth. For our children to be successful and productive citizens in our ever-changing world, they must learn to explore, understand and value others in a safe, nurturing and diverse environment. Learn more →

We encourage parents to take active roles in the life of our school. The sacred partnership between school and home enhances the experience of our students and strengthens our overall school community. Learn more →

Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a roadmap for implementing our goals and making our vision a reality. Trinity updates this plan every five years to ensure we are taking the proper steps to strengthen our programs and provide the best-possible student experience. We’ve carefully considered what’s next in education, how our campus can support the programs we want to offer our students, and how our faculty and staff can remain educational leaders.

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