Trinity Purchases Elsass Academy Westlake

On October, 15, we announced we're under contract to purchase the land and preschool program at Elsass Academy Westlake, right next door to our campus.


Gil and Candace Elsass, who have owned and operated Elsass Academy at the corner of Bee Cave Road and Camp Craft Road since 1991, said they were looking for a uniquely positioned partner to maintain and grow their long-standing commitment to families in the Austin area. They approached us in late 2019 with a proposal.

Trinity Head of School Jennifer Morgan says the opportunity to own contiguous property is a long-term strategic move for Trinity. The property is 2.3 acres and currently houses a preschool serving students from 18 months to 4 years. In the short term, Elsass will continue to operate as usual, with Trinity taking over operations on January 1, 2021.


“Trinity has considered the idea of incorporating an early-childhood program for many years, as preschool preparatory curriculum dovetails well with our K-8 model,” said Morgan. "Our storied history of growth has consistently been built on big dreams and strategic, systematic steps. And we have been fortunate to reach each progressive goal through dynamic objectives and hard work," she said. “The purchase of Elsass Academy Westlake bolsters Trinity’s options, flexibility, and outreach. This is a historic and forward-looking action we believe immensely benefits our Trinity Community.”