Student Leaders Promote Unity & Spirit and Give Classmates a Voice



We're proud to announce our newly elected 2020–2021 Student Council! Trinity's Student Council is an important part of our community in many ways; they are responsible for promoting unity, giving the student body a voice, and fostering our school spirit.

Chris Ernest, our Middle School Dean of Students, says that Student Council promotes both leadership and allows all of our students' voices to be heard. He and Student Council sponsor Adrian Carrales work hard to help students realize they are the ears, eyes, hands, and heart of the Middle School.

"In a lot of ways, the Student Council is the way I can stay connected to each of the students and classrooms," Mr. Ernest said. "Mr. Carrales and I try to teach the group that being in student government doesn't just mean you get special privileges, but it is a form of servant leadership."

Each advisory voted for a representative who will meet with the other elected members as a group to problem-solve, brainstorm ideas and plan events for Trinity students. We wish them a successful school year!


2020–2021 Student Council members

Lorena M., President


Lilly B., Vice President


Julia G., Secretary


6th Grade Representatives

Anjali A., Madison W., Luka I., Olivia T., Mimi M., Elle W.


7th Grade Representatives

Aiden T., Beckham B., Steven H., Caroline N., Ava H.


8th Grade Representatives

Ava I., Charlie H., Olivia C., Gus S., Lilly B.