It's a great time to consider financial assistance.

Prepping your taxes? You're on your way toward financial assistance.

If you're starting to prepare your tax return for 2021, you're already on your way to applying for financial assistance at Trinity (and the other private schools on your list). 

You'll want your tax information handy to complete your Parents' Financial Statement (PFS), an industry-standard form that evaluates the burden of a school's tuition on your finances.

We can't speak to how other schools distribute aid, but at Trinity, we award assistance based on an applicant's demonstrated need, which depends on a wide range of factors. Even if you have a relatively high income, you still might qualify for assistance. We consider things like net income, assets, number of dependents, other tuition expenses, medical expenses, and other factors.


Our Average Financial Assistance Award

50% of Tuition & Fees

We're firmly committed to financial assistance, both philosophically and financially. Over the last three years, every single family who demonstrated need received assistance, with an average award of 50% of tuition and fees. We believe socioeconomic diversity enriches the educational experience for everyone. It's critical to our school's mission and values.

Discover how a private school education might be more affordable than you think at You can find frequently asked questions and a video featuring Chief Financial Officer Bryan Denney, who outlines the process of how we award financial assistance.

Are you on track to apply before the deadline?

The deadline for both enrollment and financial assistance is Monday, January 31. That may sound like a long way off, but with the holidays around the corner, it might be closer than you think. Especially if you're still trying to schedule a visit, your family interview, or your child's admission assessment. On top of that, prospective Middle School students (grades 5–8) must also attend a shadow visit.

But don't stress! After creating an applicant profile, your applicant portal provides a step-by-step guide through all of the admission requirements. And as always, we're just an email or phone call away if you need any help.