Trinity Expands Lower School Athletics Program

Educating the Whole Child, On and Off the Field

By Maddie Spencer, Marketing Intern

Team sports at Trinity are a way for our Lower School students to develop the skills they gain in the classroom at a deeper level. Not only do they get to experience competition with others of the same age and ability, but also enjoy the school spirit and camaraderie that comes with being a part of a team.

Starting in 2020-2021, we introduced boys and girls lacrosse into our Lower School athletic program to expand the different types of sports and team dynamics that students can access. 

Trinity Athletic Director TJ Hendricks says that adding lacrosse gives students the opportunity to form and strengthen relationships with their peers and coaches.

"Developing an understanding of the team dynamic and learning to put the team above the individual is an important part of athletics at Trinity," TJ said. We want our students to understand how self-sacrifice can benefit the team or the whole," Hendricks said. "Students learn how to work with teammates to achieve a common goal. The development of effective communication and collaboration skills allows our students to become a team."

However, TJ says that our athletic program also provides students an opportunity to take on leadership roles and develop their own skills.

"Students learn to advocate for themselves and their teammates when communicating with the coach," TJ said. "They learn to persevere through demanding practices, disappointing performances and controversial calls. They will strive for continual improvement and challenge themselves to set and achieve personal goals."

As part of the expansion, Trinity Athletics partnered with and purchased lacrosse uniforms from Akota, a sportswear company owned by Trinity parent Jody Goehring. Akota is a philanthropy-focused performance sportswear apparel brand and uniform manufacturer that supports young athletes from all social and economic backgrounds, specifically through the YMCA of Austin.

Jody believes that Trinity’s emphasis on our athletic programs is a great strength. 

“We have enjoyed seeing Trinity focus on its athletic programs for its younger students given the importance of teamwork and competition in social and emotional development at this age,” he said. “I have admired what TJ Hendricks has done with broadening the spectrum of teams and leagues our athletes compete against. We see dedicated coaches and parent volunteers show their enthusiasm each weekend on the sidelines – and it's inspiring.”

Learning how to work with a team and stay humble helps our students personify the Trinity values of humility, sportsmanship, hard work, discipline, dedication and commitment. And while it is inherent in sports to strive for victory, our main goal is to provide every student with an environment in which they can succeed.

We believe that a great education includes more than just academics, it takes the teamwork of an entire community. And with the help of our Trinity families, we will continue to grow that sense of community outside of our classrooms.