We celebrated Horizons AustinTrinity on Feb. 9 with the “Share Your Heart” virtual event, showcasing our private school/public purpose initiative and celebrating all this program means to our community. The event raised $184,165 in support of Horizons AuastinTrinity, including a generous $50,000 Posey Family Foundation one-to-one matching gift.

Horizons is a national organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap and minimizing summer learning loss. Trinity partnered with Horizons to form Horizons AustinTrinity in 2016 and serves students in grades first through seventh and their families by providing facilities, educators and volunteers. Kids get an engaging experience that builds confidence and crucial skills, with measurable improvements in literacy and mathematics. Trinity teachers help deliver the program, which benefits both Horizons students and Trinity students alike because it serves as a powerful professional development tool that they bring back to Trinity classrooms and our students.

“We know education is the great equalizer, and we want to help equip students to reach their full potential,” said Chris Ernest, Middle School Dean of Students and assistant program director for Horizons AustinTrinity. “In this way, Trinity can expand our reach, share our blessings, and help promote education in the greater community.”

Along with Ernest, Trinity alumni parent Dan Ahearn emceed the event and, sharing stories and videos highlighting Horizons students and parents impacted by the program, as well as Trinity middle schoolers who’ve volunteered with Horizons –– more than 70 each summer! –– strengthening their commitment to Trinity’s value of service-learning.

“Horizons has a special place in my heart because it was the way I got connected to Trinity,” said Ernest. “As a native of East Austin, I have always desired to give back to communities like the ones I grew up in. Horizons was one of the ways I was able to do that but when I learned about this other community that was so ferociously generous to make Horizons possible, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of the Trinity community.”

“Horizons is our way of sharing the best of ourselves with the greater Austin community,” said The Reverend Ken Malcolm, Trinity Chaplain and Horizons Executive Director. “Our community’s support is incredible and the program would not exist without that support. The direct donations raised from the event mean we can serve more than 100 deserving students through Horizons this summer.”

The event wrapped with a special cooking demonstration from Trinity mom Marie Saba, an Instagram superstar, self-taught chef, cookbook author and food pun artist – and parent of fifth-grader Jack! – demonstrating chocolate ganache tarts for Valentine’s Day. 

Marie Sabo cooking

If you want to support Horizons and didn't have a chance to attend the event, give here:

Give to Horizons

To learn more about giving to Horizons, please reach out to Kristi Katz, Chief Development Officer at kkatz@austintrinity.org.