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Ditch the High-School Application Scaries

by Cheray Ashwill
Director of High School Placement

Each spring, eighth-grade students send applications to private high schools, then patiently (or not-so-patiently) await a response of “You got in!” As with just about everything else at this age, that news is wrapped up in tons of emotions. Learn how to plan ahead and support your child.

Think Private Schools Are Out of Reach? Think Again.

Bryan Denney, Chief Financial Officer

by Bryan Denney
Chief Financial Officer

Seeing dollar signs as you consider private education? You're not alone. Here are 4 myths about the affordability of a private school education.

Parents’ Guide to Student-Led Conferences

by Shanna Weiss
Head of Middle School

Traditional parent-teacher conferences are missing one key stakeholder: the student! Learn more about the benefits of student-led conferences and recommendations to ensure successful meetings with your child and teacher.

The Best Way to Give Back? Your Way.

Kristi Katz portrait

by Kristi Katz
Chief Development Officer

In loving others, we learn to give in the best ways we know how. Why philanthropy isn't just about the money.

Don't Wait to Visit Private Schools in Person

Polly Williams

by Polly Williams
Director of Admission

Online research is good, but it can only get you so far. Visiting a campus in-person tells you so much more than reviews or webpages ever could.